Getting Around, Luxor Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Luxor, Egypt)

Picture showing main road in the city centreTravelling to the Egyptian city of Luxor could not be easier, with many transport options. Luxor International airport provides connections with a large number of destinations and is extremely close to the city centre.

If you prefer a cheaper transport option, then Luxor's train station maintains connections with a variety of major Egyptian cities. Alternatively, it is possible to travel by road, with many routes from neighbouring countries available.

Luxor Airport (LXY) / Arriving by Air

Address: Monshaat Al Amari, Luxor, Egypt, EG
Tel: +20 95 2323 767
Luxor Airport is located 6 km / 4 miles east of downtown Luxor and is the most convenient way to travel to the city for the majority of international visitors. Airlines serving the airport include AMC Air, Air Cairo, EgyptAir, Lotus Air, Luxor Air, Memphis Air, Orca Air, PAS Air, Raslan Air and Scorbio Air.

The airport has a good selection of passenger facilities including bureaux de change, shops and restaurants, a post office, a tourist information desk and a left luggage service. A bus service is available for transportation to the city, as are taxis with the latter found at stands outside the Arrivals areas of both terminals.

Luxor Airport Guide

Car Rental

Fuel is exceptionally cheap in Luxor, when compared to Europe and North America, so car rental can provide visitors with an inexpensive and convenient way to travel around. There are car rental companies located at the airport and in the city, but visitors to Luxor should note that vehicles will only be rented to those who are over 25 years old. As a rule, the Egyptians drive somewhat erratically and hence visitors are advised to be exceedingly wary of potential hazards from other road users.

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Buses and Coaches

Public bus services operate from most major cities in Egypt connecting with a bus station located behind the Luxor Temple. If you are travelling in from neighbouring countries such as Israel and Jordan, it is possible to use cross-border bus transport, but expect journeys to be long and not especially comfortable.


Trains provide a viable and considerably cheaper alternative to air travel, with connections between Luxor and Cairo in one direction and Aswan in the other. There are four different modes of train travel available between major destinations: air-conditioned express, overnight air-conditioned express, overnight deluxe sleeper and slow trains (second and third class only).


If taxi travel is your preferred means of transportation, then you'll find no difficulty procuring a cab as the city has an abundance of them sitting in key locations and driving around Luxor looking for customers. Fares are not metered, however, there are standard rates. Ask your hotel or travel representative for an idea of how much you should expect to pay.