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Temple of Karnak
I learned a lot from visiting the temple, and it is one of my favourite historic sites I've seen. If you are in the Luxor area, then you must see it, and I plan to go again next time I visit the area. When I went it was very hot, so make sure you choose the right time to go.
Posted on 2/9/2014 by TJ

The Karnak Temple Complex - it's MASSIVE!
The Karnak Temple Complex in Luxor is truly massive and has loads of different remains of temples and old chapels. The entrance was amazing and very grand, with a line of sphinxes. Originally the sphinxes had rams for their heads, although these days the majority of these rams heads are now missing. We loved the Great Hypostyle Hall - it had more than 130 stone columns, which towered high above us when we went in. There were also a couple of great big obelisks as well. When we came here it was a hot one, so we brought lots of water to drink - a must.
Posted on 12/10/2007 by C. Forshaw

Down in the Valley, the Valley of the Kings
I didn't really know anything about the Valley of the Kings when we had a holiday in Luxor recently. My wife was keen to visit and said that she'd heard it was good. She was quite right there (usually is on these kinds of things!) The Valley of the Kings is actually where some of the Egyptian pharaohs were buried in incredibly grand and elaborate tombs. The most well known is obviously Tutankhamun. Expect lots of hieroglyphs, bright paintings and a real feeling of the desert - no plants, just rocks and sand - and lots of it!
Posted on 28/07/2007 by Simon Farmer

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