Luxor Hotels and Accommodation

(Luxor, Egypt)

View from central hotelLuxor is home to a huge choice of places to stay, with budget hotels, mid-range accommodation and top-end, five-star hotel chains all available. A word of warning - when you arrive in Luxor and depart from either the bus or train, avoid the hotel touts at all cost. If you are not careful, they will quickly pounce on you and try to persuade you to let them take you to a good hotel that they know. If you follow their recommendation, be aware that their large commission will immediately be added to your hotel bill.

Many budget accommodation options can be found around Luxor and often feature appealing roof garden areas, complete with seating and washing lines. However, mid-range hotels are especially popular and range from traditional mud-brick buildings to modern, rather glitzy hotel chains with superb facilities and reasonably priced guest rooms.

Photo of the Crocodile Resort

Where to Stay

Where you choose to stay in Luxor depends very much on what you want out of your holiday. If you are looking for a peaceful and fairly quiet spot, then the hotels along the West Bank of the Nile Valley are your best option. For more of the action and some of Luxor's best restaurants and shops, the East Bank is the place for you.

Some of the cheapest accommodation options on Luxor's East Bank include the Atlas Hotel off Sharia Ahmed Orabi, the Fontana Hotel off Sharia Televizyon, the Nefertiti Hotel next to the Sharia as-Souq, and the Merryland Hotel, close to the Luxor Museum and off the Sharia Labib Habashi. A particularly cheap choice is the Luxor Youth Hostel off Sharia al-Karnak, which features rooms with at least three or four beds in each, and also a very inexpensive breakfast. All of these hotels are located on the East Bank, while those looking for bargain accommodation on the West Bank of Luxor should consider the Marsam Hotel in the Gurna area, and the traditional Habu Hotel on Kom lolah, which overlooks the Medinat Habu temple.

Picture of the Sofitel Winter Palace HotelFor mid-range hotels in Luxor you will find a number of familiar chains falling into this bracket, such as the East Bank's Mercure Inn off the Sharia al-Karnak. Other nearby mid-range hotels include the Little Garden Hotel on the Sharia Radwan, and the New Emilio Hotel on the Sharia Yousef Hassan, both of which are also to be found on the East Bank. On Luxor's West Bank and worth considering are the Amon Hotel and also the Hotel El Fayrouz, in the city's Al-Gezira area.

Amongst the city's most luxurious hotels, the East Bank's Mövenpick Jolie Ville, the Sofitel Karnak, the Le Meridien Luxor and the Sheraton Luxor Resort are all hard to beat. Families or visitors planning to stay in the area for a long period will find flats available for rental, particularly around the New Gurna and Al-Gezira areas of the West Bank where purpose-built accommodation is on offer.