Luxor Restaurants and Dining

(Luxor, Egypt)

Photo showing the Winter Palace hotel on the NileLuxor may be known for its stunning monuments and hot weather, but its dining scene tends to be fairly average. There are some good restaurants in Luxor, although many visitors to the city choose to eat at their hotels, as many eateries around the city do not serve alcohol with their food.

When to Eat / Opening Hours

At lunchtime, most restaurants in Luxor tend to open at midday and become especially busy at 14:00. For a quick bite to eat, why not consider one of the city's many bakeries, which are particularly plentiful along the Sharia Ahmed Orabi and at the start of the Sharia al-Karnak? Evening dinner is often served as late as 22:00, unless otherwise stated, with most restaurants closing at midnight. This late-night dining can often be rather hectic, with a rather exciting vibe and atmosphere at times.

Photo of popular hotel restaurant in the city

What to Eat

Many traditional restaurants exist in Luxor, serving tasty, classical Egyptian fare. Popular dishes include grilled lamb and chicken kebabs, skewered spicy meat, seafood and kurshari, a lentil and macaroni based meal. Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy the local ice creams, rice pudding (ruz bi laban), pastries, exotic fruit and also 'muhalabiyya', which resembles a blancmange.

Where to Eat

A good selection of eateries stand in the East Bank area and include the Jamboree Restaurant along Sharia el-Montazah, the stylish Oasis Cafe on Sharia Dr Labib Habashi, the Lotus restaurant on Sharia As-Souq and also the Bombay Restaurant on Sharia Khaled ibn al-Walid, where basic curries and samosas are the order of the day. Also aimed at tourists visiting Luxor is the rather surprising Kings Head Pub, with its English-style fish and chips, and roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. The Kings Head Pub is also known for its live sports coverage on prominent TV screens.

Along Luxor's West Bank are many further dining options, including the superb rooftop restaurant at the Nile Valley Hotel, where the cityscape views are outstanding. Also popular is the Hatchepsut Restaurant in the Gurna area, which overlooks the Theban Hills and Hatchepsut Temple, and the Tutankhamun Restaurant in the Al-Gezira district, alongside the river and close to the docks.