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Knoxville, TN
I love Knoxville, TN. I came here many years ago and think it is a wonderful town. The scenery is gorgeous. The people are friendly and kind. I love to go to the mountains. I enjoy everything about Knoxville. I love the dogwoods and all the other flowers here.
Posted on 14/10/2012 by Leela B. Sud, MD

Trip to Knoxville Septemebr 2011
Very urban area not easily negotiated by tourist, very small downtown area only saving grace is its close proximity to Smokey Mountains which were fantastic. Difficulty in finding accomodation. Not easily accessible unlikely to visit again.
Posted on 27/12/2011 by Geraldine Kavanagh

Visit the Knoxville Museum of Art
If like me you have only the slighest interest in modern art, then you will still probably really enjoy visiting the Knoxville Museum of Art. The museum has no actual entrance charge, although you do free somewhat obliged to make the suggested donation as you enter. It is close to the World's Fair Park and therefore quite easy to get to.
Posted on 21/1/2008 by Eleanor Beare

Do the World's Fair Park
Knoxville is famous for its World's Fair of 1982, which was heralded as a great big success. The fair itself was themed around the sunshine and the park has a very familiar Sunsphere in its grounds. This is the place to go on a sunny day and many people gather here to socialise, watch a concert, or simply enjoy the colorful flowers and splashing of the fountains. There are some nice historic Victorian houses close by and a Candy Factory, just in case you have a particularly sweet tooth, as I did that day. Mmmmm.
Posted on 24/9/2007 by Anon

Knoxville Zoo was Wonderful
The zoo was really good and much larger than I expected. The animals all looked quite happy and were clearly well looked after. There were lots of different animals, but the monkeys sold the place to me, as they sure were monkeying around on that day.
Posted on 12/6/2007 by Shannon

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