Knoxville Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Knoxville, Tennessee - TN, USA)

Set in mountainous terrain, Knoxville is the one-time capital of Tennessee, with several notable districts and neighborhoods containing a combination of modern skyscrapers set amid older riverfront buildings. The center of the business hub is Knoxville's downtown district, which is somewhat lacking in tourist attractions.

Of greater interest to visitors is the Old City district, situated on the northern outskirts of Knoxville city. This location is rich in Victorian warehouses, shops, galleries, boutiques and lively entertainment. In the West of the city you will find the World's Fair Park district and the iconic landmark, the Sunsphere, as well as other cultural attractions. Meanwhile the area surrounding the University of Tennessee is bursting with trendy coffee shops and student hang outs. Here are Knoxville's main districts and neighborhoods.

Downtown District

Despite being the city's main business hub, downtown Knoxville contains little in the way of tourist appeal. Characterized by towering skyscrapers and a backdrop of mountains, the attractive downtown district stretches to the riverfront, an area made up of older brick buildings.

Old City District

Centered on Central Street and Jackson Avenue, the northern outskirts of Knoxville is where you will find the Old City. Hosting more tourist attractions than the downtown area, the Old City boasts quaint shops, art galleries, eateries and entertainment. The architecture here is made up of Victorian warehouses that sit side by side with more modern buildings, giving the district a charming old feel. The area is a popular place for nighttime activity and the Old City is host to several nightspots.

World's Fair Park District

The area surrounding World's Fair Park boasts a number of highlights. This Knoxville district is best known for its iconic landmark, the unique Sunsphere, which consists of large round concrete tower topped by an enormous glass ball. Visitors flock to the structure's observation deck, from where you can enjoy views of Knoxville. Nearby, the Knoxville Museum of Art is popular for its permanent collection of paintings and creative sculpture garden, while the museum also hosts regular visiting exhibitions.

The University of Tennessee District

If you head along Cumberland Avenue from World's Fair Park you will reach the campus of the University of Tennessee. A lively area thriving with students who patronize the local bars and diners, the campus itself is an attraction, with its two theaters and the McClung Museum of Natural History and Culture, showcasing Knoxville artifacts.