Knoxville Restaurants and Dining

(Knoxville, Tennessee - TN, USA)

While Knoxville is not known as one of the food capitals of the US, local restaurants and dining venues are quite impressive. Eateries in Knoxville feature a veritable selection of cuisines from around the world, as well as all-American fare.

Popular dining spots in Knoxville include restaurants along Cumberland Avenue near the university, Central Street and Jackson Avenue in the Old City, and throughout the downtown area. While the city contains some top-notch venues, the large student population ensures that there are a number of cheap and cheerful places to eat out, where you can tuck into a hearty meal.

Opening Hours

Knoxville is a fairly sedate city, meaning that restaurants and bars here do tend to close at reasonable hours, and finding something to eat late at night can be problematic. Diners and bakery-style coffee shops tend to open their doors at 09:00, while there are a few local establishments in Knoxville catering for early birds and business people. Meanwhile lunchtime dining venues open around 11:00, with some closing again at 15:00 in order to prepare for the dinnertime rush. For dinner, most eateries open their doors by 17:00 and normally close from 22:00 to 22:30.

Wine and Beer

The city of Knoxville is not short of bars and lively entertainment, and you will find some attractive bars in the area around the University of Tennessee, often bursting with a young crowd. Meanwhile, those looking for something a bit more sophisticated in Knoxville might like to head to Old City, where you will find a number of establishments that fill up with residents and visitors alike. Drinking establishments tend to provide a healthy selection of beer and wine, while most restaurants also have extensive wine menus.


Although it is true to say that most visitors choose to eat breakfast at their hotel restaurant, with this meal often being included in the price, a morning bite to eat can be found at the plentiful diners which are spread across Knoxville city. Typical breakfast dishes include omelets, pancakes, bagels and cooked breakfasts, while hot coffee and tea can be found almost anywhere. Some fast-food outlets also provide inexpensive breakfast options.


Depending on the type of eatery you are looking for, lunch can be found in every corner of Knoxville city. From fast-food outlets and diners, to international cuisine and waterfront restaurants, lunchtime delights can be found throughout the Old City and downtown. A number of cheap and cheerful dining options are also situated around the University of Tennessee, catering to the student crowd.


The city has a good selection of dinner establishments throughout the city, with a number of popular restaurants located along Central Street and Jackson Avenue in the Old City. Alternatively, downtown Knoxville contains a number fine dining options, while Cumberland Avenue and the district around the University of Tennessee also provide delicious choices.