Detroit Restaurants and Dining

(Detroit, Michigan - MI, USA)

While strangers to Detroit might not perceive the city as specializing in tasty treats or creative cuisine, a visit to the many restaurants in Detroit's Greektown, Eastern Market or any number of the vibrant urban centers will soon correct this misperception. Detroit's image as a city of motor cars and music has overshadowed its reputation as a dining destination, but abundant restaurants of impeccable quality are just one of the great surprises in store for visitors.

The city of Detroit, Michigan, has an enormous range of restaurants, bakeries, cafés and bars, serving an even larger selection of local and international dishes. Mediterranean and Mexican dining options are best sourced in the ethnic districts of Greektown and Mexicantown, while Eastern Market offers a feast of bubbling specialties and is also great for people watching.

Detroit's Bricktown district is alive with bustling, trendy hangouts and popular restaurants, while the Ren Cen's Summit Steakhouse offers optimal views of Detroit and its environs.

Opening Hours

The opening hours of Detroit's restaurants are as varied as the venues themselves, but one thing is for certain - you can hunt down a bite to eat at any time of day and night in the Motor City.

Wine and Beer

Detroit is peppered with watering holes providing evening and late night entertainment in various pockets of the city. The urban streets of Hamtrack are permeated with live music venues that offer dimly lit corners and thumping dance floors to accompany your drink of choice, while the Bricktown revival has witnessed a blooming of ultra-chic cafés and bars to be seen in. Detroit's Greektown is never far from the top of any food and drink list, providing plenty of atmospheric niches to enjoy a quiet drink.


Breakfast comes in many forms, shapes and sizes in Detroit. These breakfast options range from hash browns and buns, served up in double time at any number of fast food joints, to super-deluxe egg and bacon spreads complemented by steaming filter coffee, as well as an abundance of sinfully sweet pastries and pancakes. Choosing a breakfast venue in Detroit is really a matter of choice, but it's hard to beat Greektown for both taste and value. The ethnic district in Detroit is home to a smattering of delightful little bakeries and inviting coffee shops that act as magical brunch spots. Alternatively, try out one of Hamtrack's trademark Polish bakeries for a slice of Eastern European flavor.


The sprawling nature of Detroit means that lunchtime hubs are scattered across the city, with Eastern Market coming up trumps in many people's opinion. The market's long history has seen the establishment of some firm, fine favorites with regard to daytime culinary experiences, and the market bustle provides endless entertainment to spruce up your meal. Rivertown is another good option for lunch dates, with restaurants offering views of the Detroit River and satisfying aesthetic surrounds.


The tiny neighborhood and revamped industrial warehouses that make up Bricktown offer a good choice of chic and vibrant cafés, bars and restaurants providing an excellent option for kicking off the evening. Once again Greektown features on the list of night-bite venues, encompassing an array of top-notch Mediterranean restaurants and some of Detroit's finest culinary houses, many of which are very reasonably priced. Greektown is legendary in Detroit for its heady nightlife, so it is often best to get something in your stomach first.