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(Louisville, Kentucky - KY, USA)

The state of Kentucky is accessible by air and road, with the state's largest airport located close to Louisville. Although Amtrak does not operate rail travel services within the state, Greyhound buses are available in Louisville and travel to some of the major cities in Kentucky, leaving others without adequate transport links.

The air hubs of Indianapolis, Nashville and Cincinnati are all within driving distance of Louisville and the slightly farther airports at Memphis and St. Louis are also accessible.

Louisville International Airport (SDF) / Arriving by Air

Address: Regional Airport Authority, Louisville, Kentucky KY, 40209-0129, USA
Tel: +1 502 368 6524
A wide range of international airlines operate flights to and from Louisville International Airport. The airport is conveniently located 6 miles / 10 km south of downtown and can be reached by taking the I-65. Car hire is available at Louisville Airport, while taxis and bus services regularly travel to the city center.

Louisville International Airport Guide

Car Rental

Renting a car is an excellent way to travel and explore the city's surrounding areas and makes reaching the attractions in Louisville extremely convenient. Cars can be rented at the airport or from downtown outlets, with all the major international travel firms being represented here. Louisville is easily traversable by car and parking is generally not a problem, although visitors should avoid traveling by car during rush hour.

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Buses and Coaches

Greyhound buses operate services which travel along the interstates south of Louisville and Lexington in Kentucky. However, you will find a number of destinations are not covered by the Greyhound network. Louisville's Greyhound buses arrive at 720 Muhammad Ali Boulevard, which is centrally located. Smaller companies within the state run routes between short distances, although these limited services are often inadequate and infrequent, making bus travel in Kentucky less than ideal.


Amtrak does not operate any services in Kentucky.


Louisville has a free trolley service that serves downtown areas from 07:30 until 18:00.


Taxis are plentiful in Louisville and can be ordered by telephone or hailed in the street. Taxis are an ideal way to travel between attractions that are located close by. However, be warned that long taxi journeys in the Louisville area can be expensive.