Louisville Neighborhoods, Locations and Districts

(Louisville, Kentucky - KY, USA)

Located to the south of the bustling metropolis of Indianapolis and north of Nashville, Louisville is strategically located on the south bank of the Ohio River. The downtown area is central and contains many of the city's business and financial buildings, while to the southeast of downtown, Highlands is a lively district with some of the city's most happening bars and nightclubs.

Those who want a taste of Victorian architecture should head to the historic district of Old Louisville, where dozens of ornate mansions sit as testimony to this district's heyday. While not really a district as such, Churchill Downs is a must-visit destination as the host of the Kentucky Derby.

Churchill Downs District

Home to Louisville's Kentucky Derby, the history and popularity of the Churchill Downs area lies in its heritage of horseracing. The Derby was founded and opened by horseman Meriwether Lewis Clark in May 1875. Situated in south-central Louisville, about 3 miles / 5 km from downtown and only 2 miles / 3 km from Louisville International Airport, the racetrack and surrounding area become swamped with visitors for the Kentucky Derby in May.

Downtown District

Most visitors to the city make Louisville's downtown district the first destination on their itinerary, with exploration of Main Street and the riverbank a good place to start. From Riverfront Plaza visitors can admire the Falls of Ohio, a naturally beautiful attraction, while another popular activity among tourists is to take a horse ride through the downtown area at night. This area of Louisville has undergone revitalization over the past decade and is now a center focus point for the city's activities.

Highlands District

The Highlands district of Louisville is known for charming Bardstown Road, with its hundreds of coffee houses, restaurants and art shops. Located on the south bank of the Ohio River to the southeast of downtown, Highlands is the epicenter of Louisville's cultural scene. Baxter Avenue is located at the northern end of the neighborhood and stretches for four blocks; second only to Bardstown Road, it is here you will find over a dozen lively bars. If you are looking for somewhere for a late drink, the establishments here stay open until 04:00.

Old Louisville Historic District

This historic residential area is full of magnificent historic mansions and fantastic examples of Victorian architecture. The Old Louisville Historic district is home to some of the city's top attractions, including The Speed Art Museum, Conrad-Caldwell House, Filson Club Historical Society, University of Louisville Photographic Archives, Sons of the American Revolution Historical Museum and the new Planetarium. This is a popular place for tourists in Louisville to head and as the third largest National Preservation District in the US and the largest Victorian district in America, it is an architecture lover's dream.