Louisville Restaurants and Dining

(Louisville, Kentucky - KY, USA)

You will find restaurants and dining establishments peppered throughout the city of Louisville, with both American and international flavors on offer.

Downtown Louisville features a fairly extensive selection of eateries, although some restaurants can be pricey. Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue provide the best stretches of restaurants, pubs and bars in Louisville, offering delicious dishes and quality entertainment.

Opening Hours

Restaurant in Louisville conform to normal nation-wide opening hours, with breakfast diners opening as early as 06:00 and regular coffee and pastry shops opening at 09:00. Lunchtime venues are usually in operation from 11:00 to as late as 15:00, while typical dinner hours in Louisville are from 17:00 to 22:30, with some venues opening late and a handful of 24-hour joints in the busy entertainment zones. Shopping mall eateries typically stay open throughout the day and conform to mall opening hours.

Wine and Beer

Bardstown Road is the place to head for evening entertainment in Louisville, with a selection of drinking and live music establishments located here. Baxter Avenue provides a lively alternative, with its Irish pubs and blues bars. A good selection of beers and wines are on offer throughout Louisville, with many venues along Baxter Avenue and Bardstown Road staying open until 04:00.


Breakfast can be enjoyed at diners in downtown Louisville, which serve everything from pancakes to brunches, while many visitors choose to eat breakfast at their hotel restaurants. Louisville's Highland district offers a number of quaint coffee shops selling deliciously fresh pastries and breads, making a charming alternative to the more traditional all-American breakfast dishes.


Lunch can be enjoyed across the city of Louisville and no matter where you find yourself, food will be close at hand. The larger shopping venues and malls in Louisville provide visitors with a good choice of eateries and dining options, including food court options and fast-food restaurants. Areas such as Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue are home to a huge array of bars and restaurants offering lunchtime menus.


Whether you are looking for a grill, seafood, meat or pasta dish, downtown Louisville contains a reasonable selection of dining venues that are suitable for dinner. Atmospheric establishments, riverside pubs, bistro-style restaurants, steak houses and international flavors are all on offer here, while Louisville's popular Bardstown Road and Baxter Avenue provide additional choices.