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Canada Suites Yorkville
We were looking for a nice extended stay toronto furnished rental and chose Canada suites yorkville. When we first saw the apartment we were really pleased. It is beautifully decorated and furnished. it was very clean and everything that you needed was provided. We could have lived in it permanently. It has fantastic views out over Toronto and is very well positioned for getting around the City.
We would definitely recommend Canada Suites and would love to stay again.
Posted on 22/12/2009 by Steve

My Day at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art
The Toronto Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art also goes by the abbreviated name of the MOCCA and has always got some rather interesting paintings to look at, often including some that might be deemed a little contraversial. The great thing about this museum though was that it was completely free. It is on Queen Street - tel: 416 395 7490.
Posted on 15/3/2008 by Jack Leppon

Getting to Toronto from the Airport
Taxis at Pearson Airport are expensive and unless you are literally loaded down with luggage, I think that it is better to simply use the bus - or even the subway. Both of these are much cheaper than a taxi and really very easy to locate and use. The savings can be huge. If you do take a taxi, you shouldn't really be paying any more than fifty dollars to get into the city.
Posted on 4/8/2007 by Mike Bute

Toronto at St. James's Cathedral
St. James's Cathedral (King Street) is a big and imposing building, and the city's tallest church, and Canada's second-tallest. It was built just over 200 years ago and a clocktower was added almost 100 years later. The stained glass windows are rather beautiful and you are able to explore the interior freely, provided of course that there is not a service in progress.
Posted on 15/4/2007 by Keria Talkon

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