Toronto Photos

(Toronto, Ontario - ON, Canada)

View of the city's skyline, showing a mixture of architectural styles.

The skyline at night, with the illuminated buildings reflecting in the waterfront.

Cluster of modern, eye-catching skyscrapers in the downtown district.

Aerial view of the Toronto cityscape and modern buildings, which stand high above the more historical structures.

Further view of the sprawling cityscape.

The city's famous CN Tower, built in 1976 and measuring around 550 meters / 1,805 feet.

View from the revolving restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, which is reached by a glass elevator.

Aerial view of the coastline.

The downtown district, full of striking, modern buildings, many of which are clad in mirrored glass.

New City Hall, built in 1965, offering regular guided tours of the towers.

Distant view of the city's scenic skyline, showing the eye-catching CN Tower, the city's tallest building.

Modern buildings lining the city's waterfront.

Toronto Zoo, regarded as one of the best zoos in the whole world, with large landscaped enclosures and over 5,000 animals.