Toronto Restaurants and Dining

(Toronto, Ontario - ON, Canada)

Dining in Toronto can be as extravagant or low-key an experience as you like, depending on where you choose to dine. The multitude of restaurants to choose from in Toronto is enhanced by their ethnic diversity, with everything from the plethora of Asian venues in Toronto's Chinatown to the lively eateries of Greektown and the upmarket restaurants at Harborfront.

For a truly sensational dining experience in Toronto, visitors can head to the top of the CN Tower and enjoy delicious cuisine at the revolving restaurant that allows diners to take in the spectacular city views while gorging on delicacies.

Opening Hours

Restaurants in Toronto conform to North American opening hours that are typical across the country, with some variations according to the management of each particular establishment and its location. Breakfast venues open as early as 06:00, with bakery-style coffee shops normally opening at the later hours of between 08:00 and 09:00. Lunchtime venues in Toronto get going around 10:00, with some restaurants closing late afternoon in order to prepare for the evening rush. Typical dining hours for dinner are from 19:00 to 22:30, while eateries situated in Toronto's shopping malls tend to conform to mall opening hours.

Wine and Beer

Beer and wine are much celebrated in Toronto, with venues serving alcohol spread liberally across the city. In addition to the hundreds of bars, pubs and nightspots selling a wide selection of drinks, visitors will find that most restaurants in Toronto have an adequate wine menu, as well as a selection of beers. Persons must be over the legal age of 21 in order to be served alcohol in Toronto. Head for Clubland, particularly the areas around Queen Street West and Adelaide Street, where you will find endless choices of drinking holes.


Downtown Toronto is bustling with diners and coffee shops that open their doors early in order to catch early birds and businesspeople on their way to work. While many visitors choose to eat breakfast at their hotel restaurants, those who decide to venture out will not be disappointed at the selection of breakfast treats. Everything from cooked breakfasts, pancakes and hash browns to pastries, muffins and omelets is on offer for breakfast at Toronto's diners.


Lunch venues are in abundance throughout Toronto, with popular shopping areas and malls being among favorite spots. Food courts provide a cheap and cheerful quick bite, as do fast-food outlets, while Toronto's Chinatown and Greektown are simply bursting with choices. Alternatives to the downtown Toronto area include Yorkville, Entertainment District and The Annex, all of which have a fine selection of eateries and restaurants, while Harborfront and The Docks also sport some trendy restaurant and dining options.


Dinner can be as simple or as extravagant as you want in Toronto, with hundreds of restaurants to choose from. For an upmarket and unforgettable experience head for the 360 Degrees Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, where you can enjoy unsurpassable views of the city while you dine. Tasty alternatives include Toronto's Chinatown, for a veritable feast of inexpensive Asian cuisine; Little Italy, where you can enjoy authentic pizza and pasta; and Harborfront, for some tasty seafood dishes at the waterfront restaurants.