Edmonton Shopping and Districts

(Edmonton, Alberta - AB, Canada)

Edmonton is famous for being the shopping capital of Canada, and rightly so. The busy downtown district is home to a particularly high concentration of shops and malls, which regularly attract both local Canadians and visitors. There are actually more shops per head than any of Canada's other cities.

Of course, no trip here is complete without visiting the simply enormous West Edmonton Mall. Much more than simply a shopping center, the West Edmonton Mall contains almost 1,000 shops and many of the city's top tourist attractions, including indoor theme parks.

Opening Hours

Most shops and malls in Edmonton open throughout the week, with typical North American opening hours. Shops tend to open from Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 21:00, and on Saturday from 09:30 to 19:00. Although most shops do now open on Sundays, the opening hours are reduced, from around 12:00 to 18:00.

Shopping Centers and Malls

Commerce Place Mall
Address: 10155 102nd Street, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5J 4G8, Canada
Tel: +1 780 944 1222
Commerce Place is a large mall in downtown Edmonton, where you can find a variety of homeware shops, upmarket department stores and eateries. The Commerce Place Mall is closed on Sundays.

Eaton Center
Address: 10200 102nd Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5J 4B7, Canada
Tel: +1 780 428 3389
One of the premier shopping centers in downtown Edmonton, Eaton Center can be found in the heart of busy city life and presents almost 200 shops, which include many high street favorites, together with a large cinema complex and restaurants.

Londonderry Mall
Address: 73 137th Ave and 66th Street, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5C 3C8, Canada
Tel: +1 780 476 1441
With two floors of retail opportunities, Londonderry Mall stands on the northern side of downtown and offers three large department stores, together with many smaller shops and a public library.

Manulife Place
Address: 10180 101st Street, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5J 3S4
Tel: +1 780 420 6236
Manulife Place is located in central downtown and is a high-rise shopping center, home to the popular department store, Holt Renfrew, as well as approximately 30 further shops, including countless fashion boutiques and clothing outlets.

Mayfield Common
Address: 248 Mayfield Road, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5P 4B3, Canada
Tel: +1 780 487 7934
Mayfield Common is sited on the western side of downtown Edmonton and includes around 30 shops, such as Walmart, Reitmans and Office Depot.

Meadowlark Center
Address: Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5R 5W9, Canada
Tel: +1 780 489 7748
Meadowlark Center is an exclusive mall, with approximately 60 stores and a number of restaurants. Standing on the western side of downtown, Meadowlark is also home to a large car park.

Mill Woods
Address: 2331 66th Street, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T6K 4B4, Canada
Tel: +1 780 461 2400
A suburb of Edmonton, the main attraction in the Mill Woods area is its glitzy shopping center, with over 100 shops, including Sears and Eatons.

Northwood Mall
Address: 9402 135th Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5E 5R8, Canada
Tel: +1 780 475 3695
To the north of downtown, Northwood Mall features a range of shops, including K-Mark, and many nearby parking areas.

Southgate Center
Address: 420 111th Street / 51st Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T6H 4M6, Canada
Tel: +1 780 435 3721
Home to more than 130 varied shops, the Southgate Center stands in southern Edmonton and includes many major chain stores, such as Walmart and The Bay.

Strathcona Antique Mall
Address: 7614 103rd Street, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T6E 4Z8
If antiques are your thing, the Strathcona Antique Mall is a must. Here you will enjoy over 150 antique stalls and shops, together with restaurants and free car parking.

West Edmonton Mall
Address: 2472-8872 170th Street, Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5T 4M2, Canada
Tel: +1 780 444 5300
The city's premier tourist attraction, West Edmonton Mall ranks amongst biggest shopping malls on the planet and comprises almost 1,000 shops and restaurants, together with more than 25 cinemas and a popular casino. This epic complex is also known for its family attractions, which include indoor submarine rides, theme parks and a huge waterpark, with fast slides and swimming pools.

Address: Edmonton, Alberta (AB), T5M 3L7, Canada
Tel: +1 780 452 1234
Westmount is a modern mall located on the northeastern side of the city. Featuring around 80 shops and restaurants, highlights here include Zellers, Famous Players, and a cinema complex.