Edmonton Restaurants and Dining

(Edmonton, Alberta - AB, Canada)

Edmonton is home to an enormous array of restaurants, with in excess of 2,000 eateries and dining options being found throughout the city. Restaurants in Edmonton represent a huge and diverse range of food, with many ethnic communities specializing in their local cuisine.

Many of Edmonton's most popular restaurants are clustered in the downtown district, and also along Bourbon Street, the main restaurant strip area at West Edmonton Mall.

Classic Canadian / North American Restaurants

Traditional Canadian restaurants are for meat-lovers and are often known as steakhouses. Serving many large beef steaks, ribs and burgers, Canadian and North American restaurants in Edmonton also serve a range of other meat-related dishes, including grilled chicken and pork, often served with fries, bread rolls and salads.

Being well placed to received fresh catches from Canada's coastlines, Edmonton contains many superb seafood restaurants. Here you will find a selection a fish dishes to tempt your palate, including crab, lobster, scallops, mussels, oysters, tuna and salmon steaks. Restaurants in Edmonton specializing in classic Canadian cuisine are often known as 'Western Restaurants' and are particularly concentrated in the city's West End district, close to the West Edmonton Mall. Further Western Restaurants can also be found in the downtown core area, and also in the Old Strathcona district.

Chinese / Cantonese Restaurants

For the best Chinese and Cantonese restaurants in Edmonton, look no further than Chinatown, the heart of oriental life in the city. Edmonton's Chinatown community originated from Canton, in the Kwangtung Province of China, and typical Chinese, Cantonese and Szechwan cuisine is served at most restaurants in this district. Featuring many rice dishes, stir-fries and fragrant dishes, vegetarian alternatives are always plentiful at restaurants in the district and include Chinatown's Century Palace and The Lingnan Restaurant.

Italian Restaurants

Ranging from traditional pizzas to freshly made pasta dishes, most Italian restaurants in Edmonton feature many authentic dishes, made with traditional ingredients. A number of pizzerias in the city feature brick ovens for that home-made Italian flavor, while fast-food pizza outlets are plentiful throughout downtown Edmonton and provide an affordable alternative. Popular Italian restaurants in the city include Chianti's Café and Italian Restaurant in Old Strathcona, Il Portico Restaurant in downtown Edmonton, Italics Ristorante along the St. Albert Trail and Sorrentino's, with six restaurants around the city.

Greek / Mediterranean Restaurants

Often favored by local residents in Edmonton, the city's Greek and Mediterranean restaurants offer Hellenic flavors, often served in taverna-style settings. Often featuring Greek favorites, such as lamb dishes, kebabs and tasty moussakas, together with garlic-flavored dips such as humus, taramasalata and tzatziki, Greek restaurants in Edmonton are known for their live entertainment.

French Restaurants

French bistros, brasseries and restaurants in Edmonton are amongst the most elegant and exclusive, and also the most expensive. With world-class French haute cuisine combining many gourmet chicken and fish dishes with food from the Provençal region, notable French restaurants in Edmonton include Gini's Restaurant - in Edmonton's West End district, La Boheme - Northeast Edmonton, Le Table de Renoir - along Rice Howard Way, Normand's - Jasper Avenue, and The Créperie - along the downtown Boardwalk.

Other Restaurants

Many other types of food are well represented in Edmonton and a number of the city's top restaurants choose to specialize in German, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Lebanese, Mexican, Thai and Vietnamese dishes. There are also several vegetarian restaurants, although most restaurants in Edmonton either offer a selection of tasty vegetarian dishes, or are willing to cater for specific requirements accordingly. The pub scene in Edmonton also provides a popular alternative to more main street restaurants and many of the city's best public houses can be found in downtown Edmonton and along Whyte Avenue.