Trinidad Shopping and Districts

(Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

Photo of the Gulf City MallThe island of Trinidad is well known in the Caribbean for its excellent shopping, with Port of Spain in particular appearing as something of a giant bazaar. Although most of the towns, villages and resorts of Trinidad usually offer some kind of shopping, it is Port of Spain where you will undoubtedly find the greatest choice.

Shops in Port of Spain sell everything from floral calypso T-shirts and modern digital cameras, to hand-carved wooden ornaments, leather sandals, beaded necklaces and carnival figurines, showing off their limbo dancing skills. Trinidad is also home to a selection of modern shopping malls, and within Port of Spain, these complexes are located on Charlotte Street and Frederick Street.

Image of popular mall

Where to Shop

Shopping on Trinidad is certainly cheap, although you won't recognise many brand names in particular.

If you are arriving on a cruise ship and looking for a quick souvenir, then the actual marine terminal has around a dozen gift shops and numerous street vendors, selling postcards, handicrafts, clothing and more.

Image of shoppers in Port of SpainAway from Port of Spain and to the south, the main shopping district within this part of Trinidad is San Fernando, where various arcades and malls line the High Street. A particular shopping highlight in San Fernando is the Gulf City Mall in the La Romain suburb.

Sandwiched between San Fernando and Port of Spain is the town of Chaguanas, which is another good shopping alternative, particularly along the Chaguanas Main Road. Chaguanas is also very well known for its lively open-air flea market. Alternatively, head to Westmoorings, on the north-western tip of Trinidad, where the modern Falls at West Mall is hard to beat for sheer convenience.