Attractions Nearby Trinidad, Day Trips and Excursions

(Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago)

View of Tobago, showing the Scarborough coastlineIf you are enjoying a holiday on Trinidad, then it really is worth enjoying some time island hopping, since there are just so many wonderful Caribbean attractions close by. Regular ferry services connect Trinidad to the attractions of Tobago, where the best sandy beaches are to be found around Englishman's Bay and Pigeon Point.

One of the acclaimed Bocas Islands and discovered by adventured Christopher Columbus in 1498, the idyllic island of Chacachacare lies just 5 km / 3 miles to the north-west and is sandwiched between both Trinidad and mainland Venezuela. Also nearby are the attractions of the Five Islands and the Bocas Islands (Chacachacare, Monos, Huevos and Gasparee), while further afield, even Barbados, St. Lucia and St. Vincent and the Grenadines are actually within reach.

Tobago photo of Store Bay


Tobago lies directly to the north-east of Trinidad and is well connected by frequent ferries, and whilst Scarborough may well be the island capital, the resorts and beaches around Crown Point have become something of a Mecca for tourists. Also of note are the scuba diving opportunities around Tobago, at locations such as the Buccoo Reef and Speyside.

Barbados coastal panorama


Trinidad shares maritime boundaries with the famous Caribbean island of Barbados and is really just a short flight away, although longer cruises are available. For many tourists, Barbados offers a tropical beach paradise, with Bridgetown serving as the southerly capital city and containing a large number of the main attractions, such as the Barbados Museum, the neo-Gothic parliament buildings and the Kensington Oval - an incredibly famous cricket club in the West Indies. Barbados is a very well developed island and its hotels offer a high standard of accommodation, often boasting views of the Atlantic Ocean and beaches.

View of Chacachacare's waterfront


Chacachacare was historically used as a settlement for those suffering from leprosy (Hansen's disease) and today remains largely uninhabited. Its natural jungle attractions and beautiful scenery lend themselves to day trips. Abandoned military barracks and a manned lighthouse are clearly visible on the small U-shaped island of Chacachacare, which measures 10 km / 6 miles long by 2 km / 1.5 miles at its widest point.

Five Islands

Part of the actual Trinidad and Tobago archipelago, and located directly to the west of Port of Spain, the Five Islands lies within the Gulf of Parai and are often the destination of leisurely cruises. Although known as the Five Islands, this group actually rather surprisingly comprises six individual islands, since the Caledonia Island and Craig Island are connected by a narrow causeway. The remaining islands are named the Lenagan, the Nelson, the Pelican and the Rock Island.

Gasparee Island photograph (Gaspar Grande)

Gasparee Island (Gaspar Grande)

Gaspar Grande is a small island within the actual Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, and is sited to the north-west and directly south of Chaguaramas, where it is one of the Bocas Islands. Actually comprising of two small islands just separated by a matter of metres, Gaspar Grande features numerous wildlife attractions and is home to the Short-tailed swift, who regularly nest here. Typically of many islands surrounding the Paria Peninsular, Gaspar Grande comprises large areas of dry forests, limestone quarries, numerous scenic picnic spots and some very interesting natural caves, which are brimming with giant stalagmites and stalactites.

Grenada coastline picture


Just a pleasant cruise away and to the north of Trinidad and Tobago, the island of Grenada is divided into a total of six different parishes, each of which have their very own set of attractions. St. George is the capital of Grenada and features many lively beachfront restaurants, although it is Grand Anse that has become the main resort for tourists, with its breathtaking 3-km / 2-mile beach ranking as one of the world's finest.

View of Huevos


Sitting just to the east of Chacachacare and on the north-westerly side of Trinidad, the island of Huevos is part of the Bocas archipelago and covers just over 250 acres / 100 hectares in total. Chacachacare is clearly visible from Huevos and day trip cruises around both of these islands are popular. Attractions on Huevos include Balata Bay, Tortue Bay, Point Braba and the rather distinctive Umbrella Rocks.


One of the Bocas islands and located just a matter of minutes from the north-westerly Chaguaramas peninsula, Monos island earned its named since it was once home to a large group of Red Howler monkeys, which are known is Spain as 'Monos'. The bays of Monos are especially beautiful, with beach attractions, picture-postcard white cottages, and coconut palm trees swaying in the breeze. There are also many old pine trees scattered around the coastline, and colourful, fragrant wild orchids are never far away.

Aerial picture of the stunning Saint Lucia shore

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is an island nation lying to the far north of Trinidad, to the north-west of Barbados, and directly south of Martinique. This commonwealth country is bounded to the west by the Caribbean Sea, and to the east by the North Atlantic Ocean. St. Lucia actually contains two separate airports, with the George Charles Airport being close to Castires (north) and the Hewanorra International Airport standing alongside the Vieux Fort (south). Cruise ships also regularly arrive at the small Soufriere Harbour, where many duty-free shops await. The attractions of St. Lucia tend to relate to its all-inclusive resorts, luxury hotel complexes and glorious beaches, such as Jalousie Beach, Marigot Beach, Reduit Beach and those around the Pigeon Island National Park.

Image of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Situated to the north of Trinidad and Tobago, and also the island of Grenada, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a Caribbean island nation. St. Vincent is by far the largest island and contains a number of popular resorts, such as Barrouallie, Chateaubelair, Georgetown and Kingston, the capital. The 32 small islands making up the Grenadines archipelago are scattered to the south of St. Vincent and include Bequia, Canouan, Mayreau, Mustique, Palm Island, Petit Saint Vincent and also Tobago Cays.