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Re. The sanctuary
Maybe you will enjoy the Merete wildlife area in Trinidad too if you like Caroni for its birds. They have some of the most beautiful hummingbirds in the Caribbean at Merete. It is also not too far from Maracas Bay, if you have time to visit there too.
Posted on 28/1/2012 by Eduardo

The sanctuary
I recommend that anyone about to holiday in Trinidad, or already there and reading this, heads off to Caroni Bird Sanctuary at least once. I'll visit the attraction again when I go back to the Caribbean in November, but this time I'll take a boat tour!
Posted on 7/1/2012 by Edna Clayton

A tough decision
After the holiday of a lifetime in Trinidad, I can't decide which is best - Maracas Bay and its paradise-like beach, or the drive through the rainforest that must be completed in order to get to the sea and sand. A 20 mile drive that you won't want to end, although you won't be disappointed when it does.
Posted on 18/7/2011 by Joe Budding

Port of Spain's most interesting park
I believe the award for Port of Spain's most interesting park goes to Queen's Park Savannah. It has so many interesting stores and lively street vendors selling their wares but the main highlights are the various mansions directly from the colonial era when the Spanish were in charge.
Posted on 23/4/2010 by Bert Bishop

Say that again please
I thought that my ears were playing tricks on me when a local told me that Trinidad has a temple in the sea, but they weren't - there definitely is one in the country! I'll try not ruin the story, but the South Asians that were brought here many moons ago were left with no choice than to construct this intriguing building.
Posted on 7/9/2009 by Nicola Eames