Getting Around, Belo Horizonte Travel, Transport and Car Rental

(Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil)

If you are intending to travel to Belo Horizonte, you have a choice of two airports and long-distance bus transport, while once you are in the city itself, urban buses and a network of metro trains provide an easy and inexpensive way to get around. Taxi transport is also to hand, although best used for short journeys.

Those staying at a hotel situated in central Belo Horizonte will often choose to travel around on foot, exploring the nearby shops and places of interest. However, do be aware that the city was built on a series of hills, meaning that many of the streets can be rather steep and therefore comfortable shoes are in order. Also, when on foot, a map is essential, since it is all too easy to take a wrong turn.

Airports / Arriving by Air

Address: Tancredo Neves International Airport (CNF), Confins, Minas Gerais, Brazil, BR
Tel: +55 031 3689 2130
Address: Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport (PLU), Pampulha, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil, BR
Tel: +55 031 3490 2000
Belo Horizonte is served by two different airports, which connect cities in the USA, Europe and the Caribbean, as well as the most prominent destinations in Brazil. Tancredo Neves International Airport is by far the bigger of the two, serving almost six million passengers a year and located in the municipality of Confins, some 25 km / 16 miles to the north. Notable airlines at Tancredo Neves include American Airlines, Avianca Brazil, Azul Brazilian, Copa, Gol Airlines, TAM Airlines and TRIP Linhas Aéreas. Lying within the district of Pampulha, Carlos Drummond de Andrade Airport handles around 600,000 passengers annually and is just 8 km / 5 miles from downtown Belo. Both of these airports are well supported by express bus transport and taxis.

Car Rental

Driving provides a highly convenient way to travel around Greater Belo Horizonte at your own pace, with many major roads and highways close by. The MG-424 runs northwards to Matozinhos, connecting with the MG-010 to Vaspasiano. Those wishing to head southwards should take the Avenida Dom Pedro I, which joins with the Avenida Presidente Antonio Carlos (Pista Central) and the BR-262 to Contagem. To the west, the city of Ribeirao das Neves is best reached by taking the MG-006.

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Buses and Coaches

Situated on the northern side of the city centre, the bus station (rodoviaria) stands next to the Praca da Rodoviaria. Local city buses are a cheap way to travel between attractions and these are colour coded. White express buses are the fastest, since they only stop at a number of selected points, while red buses travel around the suburbs and yellow buses follow circular city routes.

Long-distance bus transport is on hand should you wish to explore more of Brazil, with daily buses travelling to and from Brasilia (12 hours), Caxambu (six hours), Congonhas (two hours), Diamantina (five hours), Mariana (two hours), Ouro Preto (two hours), Rio de Janeiro (seven hours), Salvador (22 hours), Sao Joao del Rei (four hours), Sao Paulo (nine hours), Serro (six hours) and Vitoria (ten hours).


Metro trains run through the city centre, between Eldorado and Vilarinho, also reaching Pampulha, Savassi and nearby Contagem. The Lagoinha Railway Station is just a short distance from the bus station. Further train stations include the Gameleira (close to the ExpoMinas Convention Centre) and the Minas (next to the Garbo Minas Shopping Mall).


Taxis in the city are easy to spot, since they are all white in colour and usually simple to locate. City taxis are always metered, although if you are travelling further afield, more favourable fixed fares can often be negotiated.