Basel Photos

(Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland)

Basel Bahnhofplatz photo
The Bahnhofplatz is where the Badischer Bahnhof railway station is located and although managed by the German-based train company 'Deutsche Bahn', this station now ranks as a 'Swiss heritage site of national significance'.

Picture of a traditional Basilisken Brunnen fountain in Basel
Many traditional Basilisk fountains (Basilisken Brunnen) are to be found within the city, being originally designed in the 1880s for a competition.

Image showing the Bank of International Settlements in Basel
The Bank of International Settlements (Bank fur Internationalen Zahlungsausgleich - BIZ) is a distinctive cylindrical building in central Basel and was completed in the late seventies.

Picture of Basel City Hall on the Marktplatz
Rather dominating the Marktplatz, the City Hall has stood here ever since the 14th century, although its present red facade with battlements arrived in the early 16th century.

Basel cityscape picture
The spreading cityscape of Basel shows a mixture of different architectural styles, with numerous modern high-rise buildings making an appearance on this Swiss skyline in recent years.

Photo of the Historical Museum (Historisches Museum) in Basel
One for history buffs wishing to learn more about this part of Switzerland, the Historical Museum (Historisches Museum) first opened its doors to the general public in 1894 and is today amongst the country's most important museums of its kind.

Image of pond in Munchenstein, close to Basel
The neighbouring municipality of Munchenstein lies on the southern outskirts of the city, where it is in fact so close that many consider it to be a city suburb.

Basel Gate of Spalen (Spalentor) picture
Formerly serving as a city gate, the Gate of Spalen (Spalentor) is reputedly one of the most attractive gateways in the whole of Switzerland and therefore features on many holiday snaps.

Basel Stadtheater view
The city's Stadtheater (City Theatre) offers an extensive calendar of performances, which range from operas to classical music concerts.

Photo of elephants at Basel's City Zoo
The City Zoo is an excellent attraction for all ages and it was here that Jambo the gorilla was born. Nicknamed the 'Gentle Giant', Jambo was later moved to Jersey Zoo (the Durrell Wildlife Park) and became famous all around the world in 1986, when he looked after a young boy who accidentally fell into his enclosure.

Basel River Rhine photograph
The River Rhine has long been an important part of Basel, with the city growing up around its sharp 'knee' bend, at the confluence with the much smaller Birsig River.

Basel Middle Rhine Bridge (Mittlere Bruecke) picture
A number of historical stone bridges span the River Rhine and have been used for literally centuries. The Middle Rhine Bridge (Mittlere Bruecke) is one such structure and dates from the early part of the 13th century.