Basel Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Basel, Basel-Stadt, Switzerland)

Basel is the second-most populated metropolitan area in Switzerland, and this comfortable town bordering France and Germany has become a popular spot for those who wish to enjoy a safe city with a reasonable cost of living. Although the weather in Basel can get extremely cold, most of the residents find time to take advantage of the many cultural offerings of the city, the fine arts centre of the country.

Purchasing property in Basel is an affordable proposition, and many people who decide to live here for a year or more find they haven't wasted their time or money by purchasing property. There are several good neighbourhoods in the city's 19 quarters, with Gundeldingen, Baselland, and the Riehen district being prime choices, especially for those who relocate with their families.

Serviced apartments are prevalent, and unlike in many European cities, landlords usually do not increase rent every year. Leasing is therefore a good option for those who don't want to be bothered with home maintenance, property taxes, and the like.

Renting Serviced Apartments

A wide variety of serviced apartments are available, the majority of which are designed to accommodate corporate housing for business relocations. Prices are reasonable, and facilities have most of the amenities that one would expect in a large city, such as high-speed Internet, adequate security, and covered parking, although car-sharing is popular here.

Most serviced apartments in Basel require at least a one-year lease, although some landlords may accommodate a shorter stay, albeit at a higher monthly rate. Prior to moving in, expect to pay at least two to three months' rent up front, which includes a security deposit.

Buying Apartments and Houses

In addition to the areas previously mentioned, further popular Basel locations are St. Alban. Grossbasel, Wettstein in Kleinbasel, Bachletten, and almost anywhere along the Rhine. Costs can fluctuate in these areas from the moderately priced to the very expensive, but a thorough search with the right realtor can prove successful.

Although most Swiss do not own their homes (67 percent choose to rent), it is not uncommon for expats or visitors to purchase property in Basel. Swiss laws are favourable for homeowners, and there are many avenues by which one can receive financing other than the traditional bank loan.

Real Estate Agents

There are many real estate agents in Basel, but the trick is to find one that is receptive to your needs and has a commanding grasp of English in order to understand exactly what you are looking for.

Check out the following Basel real estate agents:

Home Company
Address: Hauptstrasse 188, D-79576 Weil am Rhein, Basel, CH-4003, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 061 167 6004
Home Company has agents with expert knowledge of the real estate market in the Basel area, and will be sure to find you a suitable property.

Basel-Stadt Realtors
Address: Fischmarkt 10, Basel, CH-4001, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 061 267 4700
Email: via website
Basel-Stadt is a family-run agency which has served residents for years and will be happy to help you find a home or serviced apartment in the area.

Holinger Moll Real Estate
Address: Goods Road 278, Basel, CH-4053, Switzerland, CH
Tel: +41 061 331 0300
This agency caters to visitors who wish to find a home or serviced apartment in this Swiss city.