San Sebastian Shopping and Districts

(Donostia - San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain)

Shopping streets of San Sebastian pictureKnown for its rich Basque culture, shops in San Sebastian reflect this impressive heritage and many excellent shopping districts can be found throughout the city of San Sebastian.

Ranging from designer labels and fashion boutiques, to family run grocery stores and modern supermarkets, many of the best shops and shopping centres in San Sebastian are concentrated in the heart of the city.

San Sebastian offers a large range of gift shops, selling local souvenirs and postcards, with one of the largest selections of shopping opportunities located in the busy Parte Vieja district, with further notable shops standing along the streets of Calle Narrica and Calle Puerto.

Opening Hours

Shopping in San Sebastian tends to start from around 09:00 onwards, Monday to Saturday, with most shops closing for their habitual afternoon siesta, during the heat of the day. Shops in San Sebastian then reopen and remain open until early evening, usually staying busy until as late as 20:00. Shopping hours on Saturdays are generally reduced and a small selection of large shops and supermarkets stay open throughout the day, from around 09:00 to 18:00 or later. However, most of San Sebastian's shops do not open on Sundays.

Photo of San Sebastian shopping district

Shops and Shopping Centres

Address: Churruca 7, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20004, Spain
Tel: +34 94 343 1605
Specialising in designer fashion for women, this popular boutique features many stylish accessories, with famous names include Armani and Moschino amongst others.

Address: Avenida de la Libertad 11, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20004, Spain
Tel: +34 94 342 4060
Auzmendi is an established fashion store with a number of different departments, including a sports section, top brands - such as Armani, DKNY, Gucci and Versace, and a vast selection of clothes for both men and women.

Brecha and Pescaderia Markets (Mercados de La Brecha y Pescaderia)
Address: Alameda del Boulevard, 3, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20003, Spain
Tel: +34 943 42 1520
San Sebastian's Brecha and Pescaderia Markets are popular, traditional markets, full of character. Housed in two historic buildings, these markets feature an array of goods, including meat, fish, fruit, vegetables and other fresh local produce, together with an array of inexpensive collectors' items, handicrafts and a local supermarket.

Bonnie and Clyde
Address: San Marcial 21, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20005, Spain
Tel: +34 94 342 8727
Full of modern and reasonably priced clothing for both sexes, Bonnie and Clyde is highly regarded in the area and features many famous labels, including Hugo Boss and Moschino for men, and Michele Larive for women.

Don Pascual
Address: Arrasate 35, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20005, Spain
Tel: +34 94 342 4163
This branch of Don Pascual specialises in fashion for men, with top brands such as Calvin Klein and Diesel. An additional branch of Don Pascual can be found in the Fuenterrabia area of San Sebastian, specialising in women's clothing.

El Andorrano
Address: Garibay 11, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20004, Spain
Tel: +34 94 342 0607
One of San Sebastian's most historic stores, El Andorrano dates back around 150 years and is known for its extensive range of lingerie and underwear, for both men and women.

Address: Calle Aldamar 4, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, Spain
Tel: +34 94 342 7818
Solbes was founded in the late 19th century and since opening has remained popular. Selling an impressive range of wines, local cheeses and general groceries, this shop contains a historic character and a glimpse into the past.

Suministros Kai
Address: Mayor 11, San Sebastian (Donostia), Guipuzcoa, 20003, Spain
Tel: +34 94 342 7696
Known throughout the area for its extensive range of sailing and fishing merchandise, Suministros Kai also sells a variety of maritime memorabilia, scuba diving equipment and detailed models of famous ships.