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San Sebastian and its Fishing Port
The Fishing Port at San Sebastian is still a busy part of the city and I particularly enjoyed watching the fisherman coming and going in their colourful fishing boats, and mending their broken nets. For my wife, it was the seafood restaurants and views that were the highlight. This area has a lot to commend it and is just a short walk from the aquarium.
Posted on 10/10/2007 by Olivier

La Concha - What a Stunning Beach
I personally consider that La Concha is one of the most stunning beaches in San Sebastian. La Concha is shaped like a crescent and features beautiful golden sand. The sea is very sheltered and is a good place to swim, as the waves aren't usually very big. All of the bars and cafes are based around the 'La Perla' building and behind the beachfront itself. The only thing that I wasn't overly keen on was the rather upmarket atmosphere, which felt a little elistest at times, but perhaps I imagined that. Pay a visit and make up your own mind.
Posted on 6/8/2007 by Pete Colors

A Day Trip to Donostia (San Sebastian)
I would strongly recommend spending more than just a day in San Sebastian, but if this is all the time that you have got, then try to cram in as much as you can. Start with a typical European breakfast at a central cafe, and then after you have finished your croissant, walk onto a nearby beach. The earlier you get to the beach, the quieter it will be. The promenade should be your next port of call and stretches for roughly four miles or thereabouts. Walking along the promenade is the best way to see all of the main beaches. If you don't have too much time, just walk along the stretch starting at Ondaretta Beach and enjoy the maritime scenery.
Posted on 31/10/2006 by Flick

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