San Sebastian Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Donostia - San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain)

Image overlooking San SebastianLocated on the Basque coast, in north-west Spain, San Sebastian is only a short drive from the French border. For years, wealthy Spaniards have escaped to this resort during the summer months for relief from the heat of the country's interior. This popularity has led to property prices here being among the highest in Spain.

Prices have dropped in San Sebastian, however, with the recent economic downturn, so some bargains can be found. Popular locations in which to buy or rent property in San Sebastian include the beach areas of Concha, Ondaretta and Zurriola.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments can be found in the capital, as well as at the major resorts in Concha, Ondaretta and Zurriola. For anyone planning on an extended stay in San Sebastian, but not wanting to buy property, renting a serviced apartment is more cost-effective than staying in a hotel, and it also offers the convenience of kitchen facilities, meaning savings on the cost of restaurant meals.

During the high season, which runs from June to September, rentals are nearly double the rates of the balance of the year. Leases are required, and run from a few months through a year or longer.

Buying Apartments and Houses

Apartments are available in the city at prices that are affordable, but prices rise significantly for detached houses that are located outside the centre.

When calculating the actual price of a property, approximately ten percent in taxes and fees should be added to the purchase price. Foreign buyers should seek representation by a local English-speaking lawyer, who will conduct due diligence on the property. The purchaser of the property is responsible for paying the notary fees.

In addition to deed transfer and registration fees and transfer taxes, the Spanish government also imposes a yearly wealth tax, based on either the value of the property or income derived from the property, if it is rented. Some housing estates also levy additional monthly surcharges for security and other services.

Real Estate Agents

Finding an English-speaking real estate agent in San Sebastian may not be easy, and buyers will find that all local agency websites are Spanish-language only. Potential buyers may have to do some searching in the city for an agent that speaks English and comes recommended by satisfied customers.

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