San Sebastian Airport (EAS) Information

(Donostia - San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Basque Country, Spain)

San Sebastian Airport is a medium-sized domestic airport located in the district of Hondarribia, Spain. It mainly serves the city of San Sebastian and is currently operated by the renowned Aena group. This facility is unique in that the runway stretches along a river bank, creating a man-made peninsula.

The terminal sees an average of about 100,000 passengers a year, although this statistic continues to grow annually. The runway is only about 1,750 metres / 5,580 feet long and was earmarked for extension in 2008, until economic pressures put a stop to its refurbishment.

Iberia flies to Madrid several times a day. Air Nostrum also operates domestic flights from this facility on a daily basis, including routes to both Barcelona and Madrid. In addition, a seasonal flight to Palma de Mallorca is offered by Air Nostrum. The other airline operating at San Sebastian's airport is Vueling.

San Sebastian Airport (EAS)

Address: Gabarrari Kalea 22 N-638, Hondarribia, 20280, Spain
Tel: +34 943 668 501
San Sebastian Airport is a relatively short distance from the centre of town. It sits about 22 km / 14 miles east of the city, next to the Spanish / French border. The township of Irun is several minutes' drive south of the airport, while the French town of Hendaye sits across the river.



There are several routes drivers can take to get between the airport and San Sebastian. The GI-636 can be taken almost directly between these two destinations. If heading towards the air facility, take a left from the GI-636 onto the N-638. Motorists can follow the signs directly to the terminal. Motorists can also use the GI-20 from downtown San Sebastian, which links to the AP-8 (Autopista del Cantabrico / Via de Peaje). This autoway travels into the town of Irun, just south of the complex.


A public bus line is available between the city and San Sebastian Airport. From the terminal, public buses are offered roughly every hour and can take upwards of 30 minutes to reach the heart of the city. Buses are the cheapest transportation option for passengers and are therefore extremely popular.

Airport shuttles can also be booked and provide comfortable and quick access from the terminal. However, shuttles tend to come at a high price, that is unless the service is included with your hotel.


There are no trains that run directly to the airport, although it is possible to reach Irun's nearby rail stations (such as the Irungo Geltokia) from San Sebastian's railway network. From here, a short taxi ride is all that is needed to reach the terminal.


Tel: +34 943 633 303
Radio Taxi Bidasoa is a taxi company that provides services outside the terminal. Regardless of the time of day, taxi services are reliable and convenient. Visitors may reserve a taxi prior to arrival. This is possible through the company's phone reservation service. However, arriving passengers without a reservation should have no trouble finding a taxi upon reaching the terminal.