Torremolinos Weather, When to Go and Climate Information

(Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, Spain)

Photograph of the marinaWith a scenic coastline sheltered by the imposing Sierra de Mijas Mountains, Torremolinos features year-round warm weather and a favourable micro-climate, all of which makes Torremolinos a major holiday destination. Torremolinos offers over 325 days of sunny weather each year and an average temperature of 22°C / 72°F, with hot summers, mild winters and a relatively low rainfall.


Located in the centre of the sunny Costa del Sol, close to the bay of Malaga, the springtime weather and climate in Torremolinos is extremely favourable and soon begins to noticeably warm up. Temperatures in late February average around 18°C / 64°F, while by late April / early May, they have climbed to 21°C / 70°F. May is a particularly popular time to visit Torremolinos, before the summer crowds arrive, when the weather is extremely sunny and the climate not excessively hot.

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Summer is always a busy time in the resort of Torremolinos and the area's superb weather and hot climate is perfect for those who worship the sun, with refreshing sea breezes. The sandy beaches offer endless sunbathing and the calm, warm waters are ideal for swimming and a range of water sports.

June and September are the quietest months in Torremolinos, with plenty of sunny weather and average temperatures of around 26°C / 79°F. At night-time, the pleasant climate in Torremolinos lends itself to al fresco dining and partying, with many restaurants featuring patio areas. July, August and September are without doubt the hottest months in Torremolinos and temperatures usually hover around 28°C / 82°F, often peaking higher on especially sunny days. Orange and lemon trees begin to fruit during the summer weather, together with olive trees, which are located throughout Torremolinos and line many of the streets.

Autumn / Fall

As autumn approaches at the end of the long summer season in Torremolinos, temperatures dip slightly, staying around 23°C / 73°F in October. Evenings are still reasonably mild, although jumpers and jackets may be necessary on chilly nights. There is a greater chance of rainy weather and showers during Torremolinos' autumn months, although these are usually quick to clear.


Many Europeans choose to visit Torremolinos during the winter months, to take advantage of the fine weather, clear sunny skies and pleasant climate. Winter is fairly dry and temperatures average around 17°C / 63°F, being at their coldest during December and January.

Torremolinos Weather and Climate Chart (Averages)



16°C / 61°F
8°C / 46°F


17°C / 63°F
9°C / 48°F


18°C / 64°F
11°C / 52°F


20°C / 68°F
13°C / 55°F


22°C / 72°F
15°C / 59°F


26°C / 79°F
18°C / 64°F


28°C / 82°F
21°C / 70°F


29°C / 84°F
22°C / 72°F


27°C / 81°F
20°C / 68°F


23°C / 73°F
16°C / 61°F


19°C / 66°F
12°C / 54°F


17°C / 63°F
9°C / 48°F