Torremolinos Events, Fiestas and Festivals 2014 / 2015

(Torremolinos, Costa del Sol, Spain)

Image of a Torremolinos beachTorremolinos has become known for much more than just its beaches and offers a comprehensive calendar of events, which take place every year. The main festivals in Torremolinos include the February carnivals, Holy Week as Easter approaches, and the summer seafood festival of Pescaito (Fried Fish Day) each June.

Other popular festivals and events in Torremolinos include El Dia del Turismo (Tourist Day) in September, which celebrates the region's thriving tourism industry. Many additional festivities can be found close to Torremolinos, in the neighbouring resorts of Malaga and Marbella.

National Public Holidays

  • 1st January - Ano Nuevo / New Year's Day
  • 5th January - Epifania / Epiphany
  • 19th March - Dia de San José / St. Joseph's Day
  • Late March or early April - Jueves Santo / Maundy Thursday
  • Late March or early April - Viernes Santo / Good Friday
  • 1st May - Fiesta del Trabajo / Labour Day
  • 15th August - La Asunción / Feast of the Assumption
  • 12th October - Nacional de Espana / National Day
  • 1st November - Todos los Santos / All Saints' Day
  • 6th December - Dia de la Constitución / Constitution Day
  • 8th December - La Inmaculada Concepción / Feast of the Immaculate Conception
  • 25th December - Navidad / Christmas Day

Calendar of Festivals and Events 2014 / 2015


  • Cabalgata de los Reyes (Three Holy Kings / Wise Men) - January 5th, a particularly historic and traditional Spanish event held at many large cities and towns, including both Malaga and Marbella. Featuring three locals who dress in costumes and ride around the streets on horses, followed by decorated floats, giving sweets and gifts to the crowds of children who watch from the streets.


  • Carnaval - early February, a noteworthy Spanish carnival celebration, with a number of lively parades and festivities in Torremolinos and neighbouring towns and cities, including Malaga and Marbella.


  • Holy Week - mid-March, Holy Week in Torremolinos, with an array religious celebrations around the area, leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday.


  • Market of the Documentary European and Latin American (MERCADOC) - mid-April, a popular multi-media television event held each year in nearby Malaga, around 16 km / 10 miles from Torremolinos, attended by approximately 50 countries.
  • Palladium Season - April to October, the doors open at one of the best places in dance in Torremolinos, staying open most nights until the early hours of the morning.


  • Romeria of the Juanar Cross - early May, an old festival dating back to the latter part of the 19th century, with many exciting events close to Torremolinos, centred around the Sierra Blanca Mountain.


  • Dia del Pescaito (Fried Fish Day) - early June, a summer seafood festival held in Torremolinos, attracting crowds of both locals and tourists, together with many lively events around La Carihuela Beach.
  • Fiesta de San Juan (Feast of St. John) - mid-June, a huge religious festival which takes place all over Malaga, close to Torremolinos, with street entertainers, big bonfires with people jumping over the flames, fireworks displays and swimming in the sea at midnight, with similar festivities held in many other locations nearby and across Spain.
  • San Bernabé Fiesta and Summer Fair - mid-June, held on the week nearest to June 11th in Marbella, located 47 km / 29 miles west of Torremolinos, honouring the city's Patron Saint. Lasting all week, the event includes central bullfights, horse and cart rides, food stalls, a fair ground, and numerous events centred around Marbella's Old Town district, the Plaza San Bernabé and also Alameda Park.
  • The Movies of Summer in your Neighbourhood - late June, the 'Nights of the Movies' festival, held at cinemas and theatres across the neighbouring resort of Malaga.


  • La Virgen del Carmen - mid-July, a large group of towns and villages located along the Costa del Sol join together to celebrate this religious event, which is centered around the Puerto Banús district of Marbella, just a short distance from Torremolinos. Attractions include divers storing religious statues in underwater caves, a number of parties, and late-night fireworks.


  • Feria de Malaga - mid-August, one of the biggest annual events in nearby Malaga, just 16 km / 10 miles from Torremolinos, when the whole of the resort parties, with colourful and extravagant costumes, authentic Spanish music and Flamenco dancing, street entertainment, a variety of concerts and general partying. Many holiday makers in Torremolinos choose to visit Malaga at this time of the year, to join in the many exciting events, when the Marques de Larios street is decorated with paper lanterns, together with a busy fair ground, full of fast rides and amusements for all ages.
  • Nuestra Senora de la Victoria Pilgrimage - mid-August, pilgrims arrive in Malaga every year, often on horseback or riding and horse and carriages, to celebrate Nuestra Senora de la Victoria, their patron saint.
  • Ascension of the Virgin Fair- mid-August, a popular event in nearby Malaga, including dance tents (casetas) and a wine festival.


  • Semana Internacional de Cine (International Movie Week) - early September, an impressive film festival which takes place in Marbella's Puerto Banús area, held at the Gran Marbella complex, close to Torremolinos, attracting a range of famous celebrities, film stars and directors.
  • El Dia del Turismo (Tourist Day) - mid-September, the 'Day of the Tourist', where Torremolinos celebrates its thriving tourism industry which has brought the area considerable wealth and prosperity, with many free events held around the Ayuntamiento de Torremolinos (Town Hall) and the surrounding Plaza Blas Infante, including the cooking of an enormous Paella.
  • Festival of San Miguel Arcangel / Romeria - late September, celebrations around Torremolinos honouring San Miguel Arcangel, its Patron Saint, with a variety of events around the resort during the last week of September. Of particular interest, the 'Romeria' includes gypsy procession and a massive picnic event, which takes place at the end of the month in the Los Manantiales woodland, where around 200,000 join in the parades, dancing and festivities. This event has long been one of the most popular and important festivals in the area.


  • Fiestas of San Pedro de Alcántara - mid-October, held on the week surrounding October 19th (the Patron Saint's day), when the main streets of San Pedro (located around 56 km / 35 miles from Torremolinos) are decorated, with both locals and visitors partying throughout the day and night.
  • Dia de la Hispanidad / National Day Festival - October 12th, a historic festival celebrating the rich heritage of Spain, with major events taking place all over Spain and the Costa del Sol, particularly around Torremolinos, Marbella and Malaga.
  • Spanish Ballroom Dancing Championships - mid-October, important dancing event held at the Congress Palace in Torremolinos.


  • Fiesta del Tostón (Day of Toston) - early November, a notable religious festival held in nearby Marbella, 47 km / 29 miles west of Torremolinos, with All Saints' Day celebrations being held at the beginning of November. Other highlights include with chestnut roasting and a range of local cuisine, together with overnight camping and all-night parties.


  • New Year's Eve - December 31st, a number of lively parties and celebrations take place all over Torremolinos and neighbouring resorts, with a grand fireworks finale at midnight.