Bergen Shopping and Districts

(Bergen, Hordaland, Norway)

Photo of central shopping areaThere are plenty of shopping options to be found around central Bergen. These come in the form of department stores, smaller speciality shops, bustling local markets and large shopping centres, meaning that visitors to Bergen won't have far to look to find what they need.

Popular souvenirs available around this Norwegian city include local handicrafts, wooden toys and an array of traditional clothing. All of this and more is available on and around Bergen's Vagsallmenningen, where the historic Husfliden store is a particular highlight for many, being conveniently located behind the busting fish market and dating back to 1895.

Picture of local shops

Where to Shop

Both the Galleriet and Sundt shopping centres can also be found in this part of Bergen and close to the fish market, dominating areas of the Torgallmenningen.

Other nearby shopping centres in central Bergen include the Kjottbasaren on the Vetrelidallmenningen, which was built in the 1870s as a market place, and the Kloverhuset on the Strandgaten, where many fashion boutiques are gathered.

Photo of shops in busy streetA recent arrival in Bergen city centre, the centrally located Xhibition Shopping Centre (Xhibition Senter) opened in 2004 and offers something to do, whatever the weather. With around 60 different outlets, including the city's main post office, the modern and rather upmarket Xhibition Shopping Centre is open Monday through Saturday, remaining closed on Sundays.

Do remember that VAT on large purchases can often be reclaimed when you fly out of Norway, and since this makes up around 20 percent of the actual price, this can equate to quite a saving.