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Grand Canal
Riding down the Grand Canal in a gondola is a great way to travel through Venice. If you do sail down, I would strongly advise you see the whole canal at some point, as you can decide on places to visit later. This was one of my favourite things to do whilst in Venice, and if I visit the city again, I would do it again.
Posted on 10/8/2015 by JP

Grand Canal by Vaporetto
If you are in Venice, then travelling down the Grand Canal is a must. It can be rather pricey, but it is a great experience. I recommend going at night or in the evening, because the city looks much more grand at this time, with the reflections of lights on the canal. You can buy a travel card for the Vaporetto if you intend on going down the canal more than once, with times ranging from 12 hours to a week. The canal itself takes between half an hour to an hour depending on how you choose to travel.
Posted on 21/2/2014 by Vince Noir

Venice Prices
Just back - beautiful things to see: San Marco, Grand Canal, galleries and ancient churches and palaces heaving with beautiful and ancient art and by famous painters. But it all comes at a price - they will hit you everywhere e.g. travel - Gondola: going rate is Euro 80 for 30 mins and at the pace they go you won't see much on your journey. Water taxis: are for the rich and famous only (Euro 20 on the clock when you get in then adds Euro 1.80 every minute, add Euro 3 per bag, and Euro 6 for each additional person in excess of 3 , River buses: buy a 2 or 3 day pass as one stop will cost you Euro 6.50. Restaurants: - be prepared to spend Euro 30 to Euro 50 per person per meal - even in the Ghetto area and Hotels will now hit you with a new Venice City tax of about Euro 4 per person per day for max 5 days. And if you are thinking of going in their peak season don't you will queue for everything, River buses, San Marco, galleries.... and getting around on foot will be impossible. San Marco queue in May was about 20 minutes wait time to enter but well worth it and you will need to cover your legs (if your in hot pants you will be turned away). San Marco is well worth it and worth paying the extra to see Saint Mark's tomb and also the Treasury.
Posted on 9/6/2012 by Mark

Grand Canal
The Grand Canal is stunning with so many views along the way including the wonderful palaces and the beautiful bridges crossing over it. I would suggest taking Vaporetto 1 or 2 (water bus) to travel the whole length of this canal and see all the sights.

Posted on 28/2/2012 by Traveller

Bridge of Sighs - One of the main landmarks in Venice
Bring your camera, because when you find the iconic Bridge of Sighs, you will probably want to take a photo, or two, or three. This is one of the main attractions in Venice and ever days literally crowds of visitors come to the bridge, just to walk across. I was interested to learn that the bridge was actually once used by Italian prisoners, en route to the dungeons. The bridge is fully enclosed and features two actual layers, so that the prsioners going to and from the dungeon would not bump into each other, so I was told anyway.
Posted on 4/3/2008 by Robs

The Venice Bell Tower (Campanile di San Marco)
The Piazza San Marco (St. Mark's Square) is where you will find the Bell Tower, which is actually a part of the basilica. The Campanile has become quite a sight on the square and is around 100 metres tall. It was built in the 10th century and then some 800 years later, disaster struck, it fell down in 1902. It was then re-built, although somewhat slowly, and is now as beautiful as it probably ever was. I took the lift to the top (around six or seven euros) and enjoyed the lovely, lovely views.
Posted on 31/7/2007 by Aynsley Posteron

Venice, Italy
An enchanting city slightly past its prime but still able to find its way under your skin, to the point where scratching isn't enough.
As a frequent visitor over the last forty years I have seen many changes, some good some bad.
But the old girl lives on like a kindly maiden aunt, always alive but you are never quite sure for how much longer.
Here's hoping she has a few more years left, because also like an old maiden aunt, you just have to keep on going to visit her.
Posted on 26/8/2006 by Mark Healy

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