Venice Museums

(Venice, Veneto, Italy)

Venice MuseumsVenice really is a city like no other and over the years has become famous for its canals, historical waterfront buildings, and more recently, its growing number of quality museums. Particularly famous and something of a landmark in its own right is the simply beautiful Doge's Palace, which is known locally in Venice as the Palazzo Ducale. This stunning palace / museum is a superb example of Gothic architecture at its best and the view of its waterfront facade is certainly very memorable.

Also notable is the Marciano Museum, which is actually part of the Basilica San Marco complex (Basilica of St. Mark) and known for its 12th-century Byzantine sculptures, 13th-century Gobelin tapestries and 14th-century Baptistery mosaic fragments. Other cultural highlights in Venice come in the form of the Museo Archeologico (Archaeological) and the Museo di Storia Naturale (Natural History Museum), within the 13th-century palace named the Fondaco dei Turchi.

Marciano Museum

Address: San Marco Square, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 522 5697
The esteemed Marciano Museum contains the original copy of the large bronze horses that used to be displayed outside. There is a gallery that provides a spectacular view into the basilica, and also a balcony that overlooks the square, where many dignitaries have watched ceremonies over the years. Also on show are manuscripts, fragments of very ancient mosaics and also some antique tapestries.
Open hours: daily - 10:00 to 17:00
Admission: charge

Venice Museums

Palazzo Ducale (Doge's Palace)

Address: 1 San Marco Square, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 522 4951
Doge's Palace was first built as a fortress in the 9th century and the building was enlarged over the years, from the 12th century. By 1438 the structure was essentially complete, although further embellishments have been added since. Inside, there are many grand rooms with painted ceilings and stunning decor. A tour of the palace is available and this takes visitors through many richly decorated chambers and halls on three floors, starting from the top and working downwards. Highlights include the Scala d'Oro, a lavish ceremonial staircase that was designed in 1555 and the Sala del Maggior Consiglio - the Grand Council Chamber, which has been the centre of executive and legal power in Venice. There are paintings on display by artists such as Tintoretto, Tiziano and Veronese and there is also a tour of the ancient prisons, where the infamous Cassanova was held for several years before escaping.
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 17:30
Admission: charge, this ticket is also valid for the Museo Correr

Museo Correr (Correr Museum)

Address: 52 Piazza San Marco, Ala Napoleonica, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 522 5625
Dedicated to the history of Venice, this large museum has many interesting displays, which are a diverse mixture of historical items and wonderful works of art. The neoclassical rooms make a grand setting for some sculptures by Canova. Venetian paintings from the 13th to 16th centuries are exhibited in 11 rooms and other highlights include ladies' shoes almost 500 years old, with soles so high that it made it nearly impossible to walk unaided, large detailed maps of the city from the 16th century and stunning Gothic works of art, including glittering gold Madonnas.
Open hours: April to October, daily - 09:00 to 19:00
November to March, daily - 09:00 to 17:00
Admission: charge, this ticket is also valid for the Palazzo Ducale

Museo Navale (Naval Museum)

Address: 2148 Riva degli Schiavoni, Castello, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 520 0276
The interesting Naval Museum contains many artifacts salvaged from well-known ships and also displays some gondolas and much nautical memorabilia. With four floors of displays including detailed models of gunboats, lagoon craft and boats, the most impressive exhibit is the huge model of the famous naval ship Bucintoro, which was built in 1728.
Open hours: Monday to Friday - 08:30 to 13:30
Admission: charge

Museo di Storia Naturale (Natural History Museum)

Address: 1730 Sestiere Santa Croce, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 524 0885
With a large collection of interesting fossils and a complete skeleton of a dinosaur, the family friendly Natural History Museum has many collections and exhibits, and is located on the southerly banks of the Grand Canal. The history of evolution is explained, from the beginning of life to cavemen.
Admission: charge

Museo Archeologico (Archaeological Museum)

Address: 1730 Santa Croce, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 522 5978
Housing an important collection of Roman and Greek sculpture, the Archaeological Museum is home to many interesting pieces. Highlights include some splendid Greek artifacts that originated from several noble Venetian families.
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 14:00
Admission: charge, free to under 18s and seniors

Ca' Pesaro

Address: 2076 Santa Croce, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 523 8790
The Ca' Pesaro Museum houses a large collection of Japanese, Chinese and Indonesian art. Collected and owned by Enrico di Borbone, there are many important pieces, including a display of Japanese knives and swords.
Open hours: daily - 09:00 to 17:00, closed on Monday
Admission: charge

Scuola Di San Giorgio Degli Schiavoni

Address: Castello 325/A, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 522 8828
This Venetian institution was founded in 1451 by a local community and the interior was transformed by local artist Vittore Carpaccio, who decorated it in tremendous detail. The combination of splendid Venetian architecture and beautiful artwork has resulted in one of the most stunning and impressive rooms in the whole of Italy. The building is occasionally closed in the afternoons for private ceremonies.
Open hours: April to October, Tuesday to Saturday - 09:30 to 12:30 and 15:30 to 18:30, Sunday - 09:30 to 12:30
November to March, Tuesday to Saturday - 10:00 to 12:30 and 15:00 to 18:00, Sunday - 10:00 to 12:30
Admission: charge

Scuola Grande Di San Rocco

Address: Campo San Rocco, San Polo 3052, Venice, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)41 523 4864
With a well-known collection of over 50 paintings by Tintoretto, the School of San Rocco is an absolute must for art lovers to visit. Painted in the 1500s, these canvases took over 23 years to complete and have made the city very famous. Probably the most famous of this collection's paintings is Tintoretto's 'Crucifixion in the Albergo'.
Open hours: November 3rd to March 27th, daily - 10:00 to 16:00
March 28th to November 2nd, daily - 09:00 to 17:30
Admission: charge

Other museums in Venice worth a visit...

I Musei di Piazza San Marco

The admission charges for several museums have been combined in one ticket known as the 'I Musei di Piazza San Marco', which is available at the Museo Correr and Palazzo Ducale. Each ticket is valid until the end of the year and permits one visit to each of the following attractions: