Venice Sports and Outdoor Activities

(Venice, Veneto, Italy)

Venice Sports and Outdoor ActivitiesThere is an enormous amount of Venice sports available to visitors in the city and being only minutes away from many nearby towns, it has a wide range of activities to tempt all lovers of the outdoors. Venice's sporting calendar is full of exciting events throughout the year.

Boating and Regattas

Boating and regattas in Venice, Italy are understandably popular pastimes and there are traditional regattas for gondolas and rowing crews. In September, the Regatta Storica is a splendid pageant with historic vessels and crews in costumes from the Renaissance period.

Races take place down the Grand Canal and the race between gondoliers is the most competitive, with special racing gondolas being used. La Sensa and Vogalona in May includes a long row from San Marco to Burano and back to the Grand Canal.

Football / Soccer (Calcio)

Football is a real passion amongst the Italians and Venice is no exception. The city's team, Venezia, is enjoying much popularity at the moment, after spending over 30 years in the lower part of the division, its performance has improved greatly and the team is now back in 'Seria A'. The team plays in the Pierluigi Penzo stadium, which is located in the eastern side of Venice, in Lisola SantElena. During the football season, tickets can be purchased at branches of the Banca Antoniana Popolare Veneta, in San Marco and Cannaregio.

Golf Courses

In Via del Forte, the Alberoni Golf Club is widely considered to be one of Italy's top ten golf courses. This attractive 18-hole course on the Lido also features three excellent practice greens and is open to non-members. It is situated 10 km / 6 miles from the city centre and can be easily reached by bus.

Gyms and Fitness Centres

There are several well-equipped fitness centres in this city, with fitness and weight training, aerobic courses, personal trainers, saunas, solariums, steam rooms, hydrotherapy and massage. The Palestra Club Delfino, Zattere 788/a, Dorsoduro is an established club that is open daily.


Foreigners in Venice are welcome to join in with the many regattas, especially the Vogalonga Marathon on Ascension Day in May. Rowing boats can be readily hired and the best place to obtain a boat is at one of the main rowing clubs. Venice's oldest rowing club is Reale Società Canottieri Bucintoro.

Sailing and Boating

The main sailing clubs in around the city centre, particularly near the Giardinetti in San Marco, offer sailing and boating lessons for adults and young children, provided that they know how to swim. There are also sailing schools, where some lessons actually lead to motorboat licences.

Swimming Pools

Some people swim in the Lido and the public beaches are situated at San Nicoló in the north, Murazzi and Alberoni in the south. There is also a good public pool that is located on the small island of Sacca Fisola, near to the bridge from the Giudecca.

Tennis Courts

Venice's tennis courts are concentrated in the Lido area at several clubs. Most of the courts are floodlit and non-members are able to use the facilities. The easiest way to reach the courts is by the Lido vaporetto, and then by bus.