Venice Hotels and Accommodation

(Venice, Veneto, Italy)

Those holidaying in Venice will find that accommodation here is amongst the most expensive within Italy, although the city has seen an increasing number of more modestly priced hotels open in the past decade.

During the low season (November, early December and January), much of the lodging in Venice offers only small discounts, with the very cheapest tending to fall at the budget end, providing shared bathrooms and rather basic breakfasts. Advance booking is usually a necessity, and never more so during the February Venetian Carnivale (carnival) celebrations and Easter holidays.

Hotels in Venice are often at their most pricey during the weekends, with room rates being reduced slightly in the week. Many of the more popular hotels tend to be located within the San Marco area and also along the Grand Canal itself, with waterfront views being most desirable. However, if you look hard enough, you may be able to find some cheap accommodation lining the side canals and on minor streets close to the city centre, and particularly around the train station.

It is always wise to select and book Venice hotel reservations well in advance and take into consideration all the practical aspects of the hotel which you select, including rating, breakfast facilities, room services and amenities and of course, its location in Venice.

The service charge and the 9% IVA, or VAT tax, are included in the rate except in five-star deluxe hotels, where the IVA (12% on luxury hotels) may be a separate item added to the bill upon departure.