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Uffizi Gallery
Visiting Florence, I would say it is almost obligatory to get through the Uffizi Gallery to admire all the masterpieces exhibited. The only problem I had was the long queue at the ticket office, always long at any time. To overcome the problem I think it is better to book in advance.
Posted on 9/2/2012 by Sandra

Walking around the centre of Florence
Florence is typical of so many Italian and Tuscan cities and is nothing short of a joy to walk around. This is always a good way to see some of the best sights without, and even if you're not sure where you are going, you can be quite sure that you will bump into lots of interesting sights. The beautiful buildings are very historic and many line the length, stright pavements. I found it quite interesting how most were quite short and not more than three or four floors in height. The streets can feel quite cramped, but this is part of the character and fun. The Duomo Cathedral seems to be visible from almost ever street and is a beautiful sight, casting shadows across the city.
Posted on 15/11/2007 by Russel Morgan

The Old City Gate
The Old City gate is about the main thing remaining from the wall that used to surround the city. It is a beautiful arch and there are always lots of people buzzing around the area. The gate is the actually gateway into the old city. We were pleased to find a well-preserved stretch of wall close to the Palazzo Pitti, which is worth finding.
Posted on 3/3/2007 by Lee

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