Florence Property Market and Real Estate Guide

(Florence, Tuscany, Italy)

View over Florence showing the Bell TowerThe Italian city of Florence is renowned for being one of the most beautiful and culturally important cities in Europe. With an ideal location in the heart of the country and great shopping, museums and educational institutions, Florence is a popular but expensive place to buy and rent.

Rental prices do, however, become much more manageable on long-term leases and less than half of what you would be charged for a vacation rental. Many rental properties come fully-furnished, making them suitable for expats planning an extended stay.

Buying property in Italy can be a tricky business, so you need to make sure you've done your homework beforehand. As Florence is such a popular tourist destination, the investment prospects are often worth the hassle.

The most popular places to buy and rent in Florence are the districts within or immediately around the historic old town, yet prices here are high. Many expat families opt to settle in the likes of Isolotto, Rifredi and Legnaia, where residential areas offer more reasonable property prices.

Renting Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments are easy to find in Florence, although generally come at very high prices. Those in the old town and Campo di Marte tend to be geared towards tourists and are often for short-term rent only. Serviced apartments outside the centre are usually a bit cheaper and long-term leases can be secured.

Most apartments for rent in Florence are furnished already, but tenants should expect to pay sometimes as much as double for serviced facilities. This is often because these apartments cater for the luxury end of the rental market and are furnished with antiques and expensive fittings.

City view of Florence

Buying Apartments and Houses

The legal process for buying an apartment or a house in Italy can be very confusing as it is unlike any house-buying process elsewhere. It is a good idea a get an Italian lawyer, who knows the real estate laws and can advise you about taxes, plus independent legal advice from an English-speaking lawyer who specialises in overseas property purchases.

Especially when buying, people will often find that the kitchen comes without any appliances or cabinets. You may also find that light fittings and even wooden floors have been removed, as they are considered to be the personal property of the previous owner. There is a good range of properties to choose from in Florence, but a small apartment in the city centre can sometimes set you back as much as a detached house in one of the city's less desirable suburbs.

Real Estate Agents

When looking to buy or rent in Florence, most expats agree that the best idea is to decide on an area and then choose an agent within it. Searching for the Italian phrase 'immobiliare' on the Internet can come up with good options if you speak the language, but there are also many English-speaking agents in and around the city.

Check out the following Florence real estate agents:

Pitcher and Flaccomio
Address: Lungarno della Zecca, Vecchia, Florence, 30 - 50122, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)55 234 3354
Email: info@pitcherflaccomio.com
Website: www.pitcherflaccomio.com
Pitcher and Flaccomio has a large portfolio and good customer reviews.

Milligan and Milligan
Address: Via Alfani, Florence, 60 - 50121, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)55 274 1600
Email: info@milligansales.com
Website: www.italy-rentals.com
Milligan and Milligan has everything from bed and breakfasts to farmhouses for rent and sale in the city.

Windows on Italy
Address: Via dei Serragli 6/R, Florence, 50124, Italy
Tel: +39 (0)55 268 510
Website: www.windowsonitaly.com
Windows on Italy has a good range of properties for rent in Florence and elsewhere in Italy.