Milan Churches and Cathedrals

(Milan, Lombardy, Italy)

There are an enormous number of beautiful churches in Milan and most are in absolutely superb condition.

Milan Churches


Address: Piazza del Duomo, Milan, Italy
Construction of Milan's grand cathedral began in 1386 and it is the third largest church in the world, after St. Peter's and Seville Cathedral. Although it was consecrated in 1418, it was not actually finished until the 19th century, when Napoleon finally had the facade completed.

The cavernous interior is full of history and there are roof terraces, with magnificent panoramic views of Milan. Features of particular interest include the wonderful stained glass windows, numerous statues, the Holy Nail of the Cross and paintings my many leading artists. The nearby Duomo towers, standing high above the large square, were named after the church.

Milan ChurchesThere are many other churches in Milan, filling this important Italian city with tremendous character and history.
  • San Fedele - central Milan
  • San Giorgio al Palazzo - central Milan
  • San Gottardo in Corte - central Milan
  • San Sepolcro - central Milan
  • Santa Maria presso Basilica di San Satiro - central Milan
  • Basilica di San Babila - north-east Milan
  • San Marco - north-east Milan
  • San Simpliciano - north-east Milan
  • Sant'Angelo - north-east Milan
  • Santa Maria del Carmine - north-east Milan
  • Santa Maria Incoronata - north-east Milan
  • San Maurizio - north-west Milan
  • Santa Maria delle Grazie - housing Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper' north-west Milan
  • Certosa de Garegnano - north-west Milan
  • San Bernardino alle Monache - south-west Milan
  • San Lorenzo alle Colonne - south-west Milan
  • San Paolo Converso - south-west Milan
  • San Vittore al Corpo - south-west Milan
  • Basilica di Sant'Ambrogio (St. Ambrose Church)- south-west Milan
  • Basilica di Sant'Eustorgio - south-west Milan
  • Santa Maria presso San Celso - south-west Milan
  • Abbazia di Chiaravalle (Abbey of Chiaravalle) - south-east Milan
  • San Nazaro Maggiore - south-east Milan
  • San Pietro in Gessate - south-east Milan
  • Santa Maria delle Passione - south-east Milan
  • Santo Stefano Maggiore and San Bernardino alle Ossa - south-east Milan