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Palazzo Murat
If it was the garden environment that you longed for, next time you could try eating at the Palazzo Murat, which is right in Positano city centre. Fine dining there or take your own food and find a nice spot. Don't be surprised if some locals try and strike up a conversation with you!
Posted on 19/1/2011 by Merlotlover

Felt like I was in the Godfather for a minute
Not meant as a slur against anyone but I felt as though I was in Godfather Part I when Michael gets married while visiting the Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta e Cripta Medievale as there was a wedding on. Regardless of whether there is an event being held there or not, this a great example of medieval architecture and Positanians are incredibly proud of it. The gardens were lovely, shame I couldn't have a picnic there.
Posted on 28/12/2010 by R Hauer

Re. The finest stretch of Mediterranean coastline I've ever seen
As you said you were looking for suggestions, I would like to put forward Spiagga Grande. It's just half a mile from Positano town centre and has great views as well as the best selection of shops and restaurants in my view.
Posted on 16/9/2010 by Jenna

The finest stretch of Mediterranean coastline I've ever seen
I wasn't the first to say that and I definitely won't be the last. This is truly what the Mediterranean is all about and the stunning blue sea is complimented by rocky green cliffs in the background while Amalfi's coast road means that not just boats can access the area as before. Open to other beach suggestions as I spent ALL my time here.
Posted on 16/9/2010 by Alisa Young

Small but stunning
We wanted other ways to pass the time than eating and relaxing on the beach. Some friends that had been to Positano before recommended the Emerald Caves. They were stunning caverns but perhaps even more exciting is the peaceful boat ride one must take to arrive there. Great scenery.
Posted on 2/6/2009 by Tara Edwards