Positano Museums and Pompeii

(Positano, Campania, Italy)

Picture of museum in nearby NaplesAlthough there are no museums of note within Positano, there are plenty close by, if you are prepared to venture outside of the town. Museums are plentiful in the nearby city of Naples, which lies just over an hour away, to the north-west.

However, if it is history that you are interested in, then Positano is extremely close to the world-famous remains of Pompeii. These spectacular ruins offer a real insight into Italian life almost 2,000 years ago and Pompeii is actually like a giant museum, with temples, theatres, heated Roman baths, public toilet systems and even some ancient graffiti.

Further image of Naples museum

General Information

Further ancient Roman attractions lie in the former port town of Herculaneum, where an impressive concentration of well-preserved buildings offer endless photo opportunities.

Herculaneum also boasts many long and straight Roman roads, which can be quite overwhelming, especially when you spot the grooves in the stone paving, worn away over the years by ox-driven carts.

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