Positano Restaurants and Dining

(Positano, Campania, Italy)

Picture of dining with a viewIt is fair to say that those dining in Positano will find that restaurants are usually far from cheap, and many tend to close their doors for the winter months, opening again only briefly at Christmas time. However, there are some safe bets and good eateries available in Positano, such as those on the Viale Pasitea and the Viale del Brigantino - simply look where the locals are dining out and follow their lead.

An increasing number of restaurants and cafes around Positano are very much targeting the tourist market and so the food here is both cheap and cheerful. Neapolitan pizzas are always a popular choice and usually both tasty and filling. The most popular dining venues tend to be those by the beachfront, offering tables with sea views, especially along stretches such as the elevated Via Montepertuso and also the cliffside Via Positanesi d'America.

View of popular restaurant overlooking the coast

What to Eat

The cuisine of Campania is simple and tasty, and if you can find a traditional local restaurant in Positano, you are guaranteed a dining experience to savour. Freshly caught seafood from the Gulf of Naples features strongly on menus, as does pasta made with 'durum' wheat and seasonal vegetables.

Italian 'Buffalo' mozzarella is one ingredient that keeps cropping up time and time again, in dishes such as basil and mozzarella salad (insalata caprese) and even deep-fried cheese sandwiches (mozzarella in carrozza). Also in Positano, look out for restaurants serving macaroni, which is often accompanied with Neapolitan sauce (maccheroni alla napoletana). After your meal, consider a glass or two of the citrus flavoured 'Limoncello', a speciality liqueur drink from the Amalfi Coast.

Photo of al freso tables

Where to Eat

There are a number of reasonable bars and seafood restaurants close to Positano's beach with superb waterfront views, although it is likely that if you are sitting outside, you'll be next to the road. The most noteworthy dining options here include Chez Black, O Capurale and the rather upscale La Cambusa, known for its pricey fish-based cuisine.

For something with a little more in the way of lively atmosphere in Positano, consider dining out at the Zagara on the Via dei Mulini, a late-night restaurant cum bar, complete with terrace area and sometimes even live music. Another excellent option is Positano's much acclaimed 'Music on the Rocks' venue, which is somewhere between a nightclub and restaurant, featuring both sea views and a cosy dance floor.