Positano Art Galleries

(Positano, Campania, Italy)

Photograph of the Naples Art MuseumThere are a small number of fairly low-key art galleries in Positano, including various shops selling paintings and local craftworks. Open all through the summer season, from April to October, the Con Winum Wine and Bar is a successful mixture of art gallery, Internet cafe and also wine bar, being known for its live jazz music on Friday and Saturday evenings.

The Con Winum Wine and Bar is a good place to see some interesting Italian paintings in Positano. The town's art scene is very much a burgeoning one and Positano is beginning to attract some artists of great calibre and not just from Italy.

General Information

Artists come to Positano to capture the beautiful scenery on canvas and it is often these paintings that you will find appearing in gift shops. Some artists also choose to sell their works from the street and even on the beach itself.

However, if it is public art galleries that you crave, then you really will have to leave the environs of Positano and head northwards, to nearby Naples. Here, 15th-century frescoes and sculptures abound in Naples' Museo Civico and the Museo del Palazzo Reale. The Palazzo delle Arti Napoli is another gallery of note and tends to favour a contemporary theme.

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