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The Historic Das Burgtor
The Das Burgtor dates from the middle of the 15th century and is located on the northern side of the Old Town. It is open to the public and stands right next to the old city walls. Even if it is closed when you visit, you can have a good look around from the outside, which is exactly what we did. Nearby there are lots of good shops and restaurants lining the Grosse Burgstrasse
Posted on 16/9/2007 by Daren Gale

Beautiful Holsten Tor in Lubeck
This is one beautiful building and definitely has a touch of a fairytale about it. The fortified Holsten Tor was built over 500 years ago next to the Trave River. There is a museum inside, which contains some interesting artefacts and works of art. Look at the building and then look again - and you will soon realise that it is leaning a little due to inadequate foundations when it was built. It's not immediately apparent, but once you see it it's hard to miss it. The Holsten Tor marks the entrance into the historical Altstadt area.
Posted on 9/4/2007 by Emilio

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