Lubeck Hotels and Accommodation

(Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

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Photo of guest houses next to the River TravelIf you choose to arrive in Lubeck without booking accommodation in advance, then the tourist office should be your first port of call, since they offer a free booking service and can usually find available hotels to suit your needs. A range of hotels are spread all around the city of Lubeck, with many being located close to the central bus and train stations, on Süderhofenden.

For budget travellers looking for cheap lodging in Lubeck, various options are available, including the DJH Hostel along Fichtestrasse and close to the Stadion bus stop. Also popular and an inexpensive alternative to Lubeck's mainstream hotels, the Campingplatz Jarplund campsite lies nearby and on the southern side of Flensburg.

Picture showing the waterfront

Where to Stay

Those simply passing through this part of Germany often choose to stay at one of the many hotels scattered around the A1 Motorway, which are usually cheap and basic. Popular hotels in this part of Lubeck can be found along the Fackenburger Strasse, Schönböckner Strasse and around the Lohmühle area.

Both mid-range and luxury accommodation alike can be found around the narrow lanes of the Old Town (Altstadt) area of Lubeck. Many of these hotels are privately owned and close to the City Theatre, the westerly stretch of the Trave River, and also the River Wakenitz, on the eastern side of the Altstadt.

View of the Old TownFor accommodation close to pubs, restaurants and even a number of cinemas, the hotels along the Mühlenstrasse street are particularly convenient.

Further hotels are located around Lubeck's northern district of Koberg - which is considered to be part of the Old Town, the green region of St. Gertrud - where hotels stand alongside the River Wakenitz, and the elegant south-easterly neighbourhood of St. Jürgen, close to the Elbe Lubeck canal. On the northern side of the city, the Travemünde area is known for its period hotels, coastal promenade, marina and nearby beach.