Lubeck Restaurants and Dining

(Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

Photo of diners outside of the Town HallRestaurant hours within the city of Lubeck do fluctuate and whilst many are open all day long, other restaurants choose to close in the afternoon and open again around 18:00 for evening dining.

In general, many restaurants within Lubeck cease serving food from around 21:30 or 22:00, although local bars do tend to stay open considerably longer, often well past midnight.

A particularly pleasant way to spend any evening in Lubeck is to take an evening cruise around the city's idyllic canals, passing many historic buildings along the way. Then afterwards, head to a nearby waterfront restaurant and enjoy the views as the sun sets.

Further view of the dining tables next to the Town Hall

What to Eat

Typical of northern Germany, the local cuisine around the city of Lubeck is heavy and meaty, with rich stews, pot roasts and bratwurst sausages being commonplace, together with a selection of seasonal root vegetables. Seafood is also a popular dish in Lubeck, with herring, sardines, mackerel, salmon and tuna all firm favourites, while for many, the soured sauerkraut cabbage is the epitome of German cuisine.

Where to Eat

A fine selection of dining can be found around the historic Old Town, within the very heart of Lubeck. Many restaurants here are particularly close to the westerly River Trave, and also the most easterly River Wakenitz, and offer appealing outlooks on the city as you dine. Top eateries in this part of Lubeck are often clustered around the many shopping streets, including a number of pavement areas with outdoor tables. Restaurants within this district are often to be found housed in period buildings dating back to the 1700s, being full of period features.

Close-up photo of the Town Hall facadeIn particular, many good restaurants line areas along the Breite Strasse, Fleischhauerstrasse, Schluhmacherstrasse and Wahmstrasse. A number of local pubs are also located within these areas of Lubeck, often serving inexpensive German fare and other dishes aimed at tourists.

For many, it is worth visiting Lubeck's seaside borough of Travemunde, where its seafood restaurants are highly acclaimed, serving locally caught fish. Also here you will discover many cafes close to the beachfront, together with pubs, bars and food stalls, serving inexpensive hot snacks, such as shrimps and herring.