Lubeck Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Lubeck, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

Aerial view showing the Town Hall in the AltstadtLubeck is a charming city, divided into ten numbered zones, often referred to as districts, each of which offers its own character and interest. Two of the most densely populated districts in Lubeck are St. Gertrud and St. Lorenz North, both of which have around 40,000 inhabitants and plenty to enjoy. Lubeck's ten zones (districts) are as follows:

Marienplatz lies in the very centre of Lubeck, within the Old Town district. This noteworthy public square features a large central column and is also home to both the Old Town Hall, and the more modern New Town Hall, which features a particularly elaborate clock face. Those looking to escape from central Lubeck should head to the nearby coastal resort of Travemunde, where sandy beaches and wicker chairs await. The most appealing districts and neighbourhoods within Lubeck are explained further below.

Photo of the Old Town District (Altstadt)

Old Town District (Altstadt)

Bordered by the River Trave, Old Town Lubeck is full of interest and the very heart of the city. This district comprises many charming, tiny houses, which are tucked away behind other buildings and centred around courtyards (Höfe), and can only be reached by narrow walkways (Gänge). Many of the red-brick town houses feature period architecture with crow-stepped gabled roofs and classical Baroque architecture. Lubeck's Old Town district offers a number of shopping areas, the main museums, many churches and also both the cathedral (Dom) and also the Town Hall, which dates back almost 800 years and lies along the Breite Strasse.

Buntekuh District

The Buntekuh lies on the southern side of the city and boasts a number of tall town houses. With a rich agricultural heritage, this part of Lubeck is a good place to shop and is also home to an industrial area, which is easy to reach, lying close to the motorway.

Picture of the waterfront

Harbour District

Lubeck Harbour is a particularly beautiful part of the Old Town district and offers a choice of pleasure cruises, which allow you to relax and enjoy many of the city's most beautiful and historic waterfront buildings. Linked to the canal, the Harbour lies close to Holstentorbrücke and is home to a number of sailing ships, which offer a glimpse of how this area looked many years ago. Each September, the Old Town Festival (Lubeck Altstadtfest) take place here, amongst other events.

Image of the church in the St. Lorenz district

St. Lorenz District

The suburb of St. Lorenz is sited close to the train station and is split into two neighbourhoods, north and south. Whilst this area does not offer much in the way of tourist attractions, you will find a number of large out-of-town shopping centres, a local soccer pitch and some historic character.

Schlutup District

Lying on the north-eastern side of Lubeck, this former fishing village offers plenty of historic character, with the layout being centred around a 15th-century church. Much of this area is now residential, with the main attractions sited close to the dock, including a number of eateries and local speciality shops.

St. Jurgen District

An affluent location with plenty of tourist appeal, the St. Jurgen district is to be found on the south-eastern side of Lubeck and alongside the canal. Many period buildings remain in a good state of repair and are known for their traditional exteriors and period features. Highlights in the St. Jurgen neighbourhood include the city's weekly Brink Market, and the beautiful St. Jurgen Chapel (Kapelle), which was built in the mid-17th century and stands proudly along Ratzeburger Allee, close to the Medical University.