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Visiting the New Cathedral
The Old Cathedral is Coventry was so badly damaged during the Blitz that the city soon decided to build a replacement. A competition was announced and although it attracted a lot of interest, there was one design that stood out, that of Sir Basil Spence. It was very contraversial, because it really doesn't look very churchlike, more like a modern sixties office block (perhaps I'm being a bit harsh). But the inside is wonderful and quite grand, being flood with natural light.
Posted on 28/01/2008 by Mickey Williams

Coventry 'Old' Cathedral
St. Michael's Cathedral is the 'Old' Cathedral in Coventry and dates from the start of the 14th century. It was bombed in the WWII and just a shell remains, suggesting the grandeur of its former glory. The much more modern cathedral is located directly next door and has contrasting architecture at the other end of the extreme - old and new together. It is quite a poignant reminder of the past ravages of war and how the city rebuilt itself in the face of adversity.
Posted on 9/09/2007 by Michael Patrick

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