Newquay Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Newquay, Cornwall, England, UK)

A fun day surfing at Newquay BeachNewquay is a spreading coastal town and can be found along Cornwall's northern shore. Part of the borough of Restormel, Newquay has grown tremendously since its days as a small fishing village, when it was known as 'Towan Blystra' and pilchards were an important part of its overall income.

However, Newquay is now an iconic beach resort, famous all over the world for its surfing. Around the town are various districts, neighbourhoods and suburbs that all combine to make this one of Cornwall's most popular places to visit. Here are Newquay's main districts, neighbourhoods and locations.

Strolling along the beach at Crantock

Beaches and Bays

Newquay is synonymous with sun and sand, and its beaches are amongst Cornwall's best. Heading from west to east, Newquay's beaches include Crantock Beach - next to Crantock Bay, and Fistral Beach - alongside Fistral Bay and next to a vast golf course. Heading further east and edged by Newquay Bay are Towan Beach, Great Western Beach, Tolcarne Beach, Crigga Rocks, Lusty Glaze Beach and Wine Cove. Located around the Butter Rocks, Great Cupboard and Porth are some particularly secluded and often quiet beaches, while those along the adjacent Watergate Bay are much easier to reach and include both Whipsiderry Beach and Watergate Beach.

Town Centre District

Central Newquay is full of interest and contains plenty of shops, restaurants and guesthouses. Close to Towan Beach and Newquay Harbour, the town centre is based around Bank Street, East Street and Manor Road, with plenty of action on its western side, along both Fore Street and Tower Road. On the eastern side of the town centre, Trenance Park is much more than just a green space and contains a huge selection of leisure activities. The Newquay Tourist Office is located in the very heart of the town centre and plenty of car parks are dotted all around this district.

Beach view at Crantock Newquay


Lying on the far eastern side of the town, Crantock is a small village often considered to be a part of Newquay, being separated by the winding River Gannel. On the village's north-easterly shoreline, Crantock Bay edges a large area of fine sand and has become a popular spot for surfing. Many scenic coastal pathways lead around this area and offer stunning vantage points along the way.

West Pentire

The West Pentire headland area lies on the far western side of Newquay and directly beneath Crantock Beach. This charming hamlet features a small group of houses, surrounded by farmland and numerous rolling fields of green.

St. Columb Minor / Porth

A peaceful village on Newquay's eastern Porth outskirts, St. Columb Minor is known for its historic parish church, which dates back to the beginning of the 15th century and has been updated and extended a number of times over the years. The town of St. Columb Major stands further east and is considerably larger and famous for its local 'Cornish hurling', a traditional sport played with a small silver ball