Attractions Nearby Nagasaki, Day Trips and Excursions

(Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan)

View of Fukuoka's baysideNagasaki has more than enough for many visitors and holiday makers, although close to the city you will find many sites, which warrant at the least a day trip. Fukuoka is a relatively short train ride from Nagasaki and the attractions here are both plentiful and varied, with the city's hilltop castle being a must-see sight and dominating much of the area.

Also nearby Nagasaki are the cities of Kumamoto and its scenic waterfront views, and Omura, where an appealing bay and coastline are begging to be enjoyed. Top attractions nearby Nagasaki are shown below.

Photo of the ACROS Building in Fukuoka


Kyushu's biggest city and located to the north-east of Nagasaki, Fukuoka is a spreading city with a population approaching 1.5 million. Apart from its castle, other attractions in Fukuoka include the Canal City complex, which combines shopping and entertainment at its best, the Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, the Hakata Machiya Furustao-Kan folk museum, and the 12th-century Shofuku-ji Zen temple.

Photo of castle at Kumamoto


An appealing city to the east of Nagasaki and across the water, Kumamoto is home to almost 670,000 inhabitants and offers plenty of sightseeing. Of particular interest is the Kumamoto-jo Castle, which dates back to the early 17th century and dominates much of the city centre. Nearby you will find many further attractions, such as the strolling garden of Suizeni-Koen, the Honmyo-ji temple and Takigi-No festival, held each August and features torch-lit productions by Japanese theatre groups.


Just a few miles to the north of Nagasaki lies the attractions of Omura, a city with a population of almost 100,000 people. Sited on the coastline, Omura is centred around its beautiful bay and nearby you will find many scenic islands, plenty of blue sea, a theme park, museums and waterfront attractions for all ages. The bay area has been designated as a natural park and boasts many pleasure boat trips, being a particularly popular excursion from Nagasaki.