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A bridge like a pair of spectacles in Nagasaki?
The Megane-bashi bridge is the Spectacles Bridge and has got its name because it has two semi-circular arches, and when they reflect in the water below, it really does look like a pair of spectacles. However, there is much more to this bridge that just its rather comical appearance. It is actually Japan's oldest stone arch bridge and was built nearby 400 years ago - and it is still standing.
Posted on 16/1/2007 by Craig Ward

Visiting the Museum of Traditional Performing Arts
When we came to Nagasaki we were keen to go to as many museums as we could. We really wanted to cram as muchin as possible, and learn about the city and Japan as a whole. The Museum of Traditional Performing Arts in Nagasaki was particularly interesting and contains the floats and decorations used in the annual Kunchi Festival, which takes place here each October. In case you're not here in the autumn and can't experience the Kunchi Festival first hand, the museum has a continuous movie playing to show what you are missing.
Posted on 1/4/2007 by Martin Opie

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