Nagasaki Neighbourhoods, Locations and Districts

(Nagasaki, Kyushu, Japan)

Picture showing the waterfront in the Dejima districtNagasaki is located at the top of a long bay on the island of Kyushu. The main commercial and residential areas of the city (central Nagasaki and Heiwa) can be found on a small plain near the end of the bay

Once an island, the area of Dejima has now become part of Nagasaki and can be found very close to the centre of the city and Chinatown district. If you fancy a spot of serenity, head to Motofuna for some stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere. Nagasaki's main districts are listed below.

Further photo of the Dejima district

Dejima District

Just south of Nagasaki's central station, you will find the old Dutch district of Dejima. This area of the city was actually once a bustling man-made island built for trading purposes, as between the 17th and 19th centuries, it was against the law for foreigners to enter the country. Today, the island has become linked to mainland Nagasaki by land reclamation and this district now has an altogether different feel. Many old original colonial buildings have been renovated using authentic materials, giving the district its unique Dutch ambience. This is a lovely area in which to wander the streets and to sit outside at a café whilst watching passers-by.

View of Chinatown

Chinatown District

Nagasaki is home to a small and very condensed Chinatown. It can be found next to the Dejima district and is a melting pot of styles, smells and sights. It can be frenetic at times, but this adds to its character.

Have a wander around the stalls and sample local delights, together with traditional Chinese fare.

Image showing the Atomic Bomb Museum in Heiwa

Heiwa District

Just west of northern Nagasaki, you will find one of the city's most frequented areas. It is known locally as Heiwa and is home to the famous Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum. The Heiwa district is a very peaceful neighbourhood, despite the constant flow of visitors, and is largely a residential area of Nagasaki, although there are also many educational institutes here. Next to Peace Park, you will find Urakami Cathedral, which is also popular with visitors.

View of the Motofuna district

Motofuna District

To the west of the city centre and tailing out into the bay, you will find Motofuna. This district is home to a number of good hotels, as well as excellent views of the bay and the port area. From the port, you can catch a ferry to a variety of places, such as Iojima.

Daikoku / Central Nagasaki District

Daikoku is also known as central Nagasaki and is a very cultured and thriving hub. It is however also extremely busy with both people and buildings. You will find many shops, restaurants and bars along the main strip, as well as a good choice of hotels and travel information centres.