El Alamein Restaurants and Dining

(El Alamein, Egypt)

View across the War CemeteryEl Alamein is a fairly small village and is by no means known for its culinary expertise. Many people staying in this area visit the Commonwealth War Cemetery and those looking for refreshments will find the cafe within the Al-Amana Hotel amongst the best offerings here, although the town's modern marina does also contain a number of popular eateries.

West of El Alamein, a much better selection of restaurants lie in the resort of Sidi Abdel Rahman, while to the east, the city of Alexandria is overflowing with dining options.

When to Eat / Opening Hours

Most restaurants in Egypt open from midday to midnight every single day. However, do bear in mind that during the Islamic month of Ramadan, Egyptians fast during sunlight hours and all restaurants close until sundown

What to Eat

A staple part of the diet in Egypt is 'kushari', which is a national dish comprising lentils, rice, macaroni and chickpeas, topped with garlic and a tasty tomato sauce. Other dishes that you can expect to encounter upon your Egyptian travels include spicy kebabs, meatballs, all kinds of soups, salads and seafood, such as shrimp (gambari), sea bass, sole and squid, much of which is either baked or grilled.